Monday, May 17, 2010

Things To Share

I have a few lovely things to share with you guys :)
First off is a blog that my tote was featured it. Check it out she has some really cute things and needless to say I will now be following her :)

Yesterday I got to work on a few new pairs of plugs which I was able to take pictures (thankfully because today isn't the best out and I had to get up early for an eye appointment at 8) before the sun went down so I was able to list a couple today. Here they are!

First off are the googly/wiggly eyes. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but putting it off. I did not list them today because I still have to make sure they're stable enough to sell and that they will not fall off. Another concern I have with this style is the clear cover that the eye is in getting pushed in. I'll have to put a warning in the listing about how they are a little more fragile.
Wiggly Eye Plugs

Reptile eyes are next! Pretty creepy but neat, and for now will only come in select sizes :(
Reptile Eyes Plugs

Last but not least are mirror plugs. I had this idea in the back of my head awhile ago but forgot about it until I made the convex mirror plugs and someone asked if I could make them in 1/2". These also are only in a few sizes until I figure out a way to sand them down.
Mirror Plugs

Ugh I'm worn out...and it's only 1! Like I mentioned I had an eye doc appointment today. They dilated my eyes and whenever they do that it just makes me want to sleep...or at least close my eyes all day! It's better now...after a nap and a postponed trip to the post office because close up things are blurry when they do this so I wasn't able to see my labels :(

Off to the post office and grocery shopping (ugh hate it but then again I hate not having food more) then making more plugs and cleaning tonight! I am also working on some more clothes, quite a few things already cut out and ready to sew! I just really need to bring my stash down so I'm working on that all week.

Happy Monday!

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