Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slacking And Waiting

Slacking, something I excel at! I know last week (?) I was talking about putting new styles up at discounted prices. Well I started by discounting certain ones in my shop first, I had pictures taken of all the new ones too so there's not a ton left to do besides listing. Well that's where the problem comes in! It's so easy but I hate it sometimes, I'm not 100% happy with my photos since I don't have my regular set up and computer where I edit the photos. I'm going to blame that on the fact that I'm not getting them on. It also doesn't help I've been working a lot more at my other job because they let one of the girls go and didn't have a replacement.
Another thing holding me back is working on the house. Not sure if I told you or not but we didn't close on the 1st :( so now I have to wait until they get everything all together and then we can close. The good news is they let me in early and I started cleaning and prepping for painting and sanding the floors so hopefully it won't take to long after I do move in. We will see. Wish me luck!!
I should have some photos of my thrifting goodies up soon so keep an eye out!