Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage goodies for the shop!

While I was doing my first post I forgot all about the items I'm putting in the shop today! I recently reached my 200th sale!! I was very excited about that and am plan a giveaway soon so keep your eyes open! I love love love making plugs for you guys and right now my favorites are the pearl ones (they have been a big hit too! I just love hearing stories about how you lovely ladys are going to wear them for your wedding or how excited you are to finally have found some nice "girly" plugs.

I have been buying way way to many things latley and realized it a few weeks ago when I started tearing my apartment apart to organize things better (it's still a little out of sorts but it's getting there). I made over 10 reversible skirts in different sizes so expect to see them in the shop soon! It was a great way to bust down a bit of my fabric stash and I'm very happy I was able to get them all done. I will also be making some bags in the near future out of a sailboat boom cover with some awesome closures that I plan to keep on as part of the bag. But I still keep buying things!!!!! So I have decided to put a few clothing items on etsy instead of putting them in a pile to resize for myself. I only have a few to put up today but trust me, there will be more in the near future!

I really wish I could've kept this skirt! It fits, just not to comfortably :(
Adorable Vintage Skirt

This skirt is to big but has some awesome fun buttons up the side!
Vintage Yellow Skirt!

Awesome shirt! I actually may make a pattern up based on this shirt because I love the look of it so much! It's super big on me so my loss is your gain :) Don't mind the flop ear! I forgot to put my plugs in before taking this pic hahaha
Vintage Top

Thankfully I can usually find vintage clothes in my size so I don't mind giving up a few things here and there. I hope you guys enjoy them!

Mangos and Ears

So the idea of scape ling has not left my mind but I am putting it on hold at the moment and trying other methods first. I will say that in the beginning I did not take care of my ears as well as I could've (basically not at all). I've been reading up on different methods to fatten up my lobes, like daily massaging and taking my plugs out at night (did that before but no I take them out earlier and longer than I used to). It seems to be working! I have noticed a little more plump than I had before :D I have also heard of downsizing and stretching back up but would rather not have to go that route if it's not necessary. I will begin stretching back up tonight, hopefully it goes smoothly.
In other news a month or so ago I started growing some mango trees! I just put the seeds in a baggie with some paper towel and water to get them started. Here they are now!
Mango Seeds">
One has great roots and the other has a pretty good start so I'm very optimistic about them. Last time I had a mango plant I left it outside and the frost got at it
Happy hump day!!! Bahahahahaha enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Goodness

I've been pretty decent about hitting up rummage and estate sales the past couple of weeks. It's always a challange when you have a three year old hanging on you and wanting to be carried everywhere (it also doesn't help that he's already over half my size!). I will say that I love estate sales quite a bit more than rummage. I love the fact that they usually have 1/2 off everything on the last day and what I pick up no one else is looking for. I am regaining my love for rummage sales after buying some beautiful clothes last week (oh and it's good for the kids clothes when you can find the right size). Anyway here are a few vintage goodies I picked up the past couple of weeks that are in the shop now!

I'm going through an ugly on the outside beautiful on the inside/less than perfect kind of phase with some of my suitcases. They all need love and a good home and when I open them up the inside just makes me smile.

And now on to some fans!!! I love this style and these are by far some of the best fans I have had so far. I love photographing them!!! I do have one more that is not pictured that I will be refurbishing, but I haven't decided on colors yet so keep an eye out for that!
Black Diehl Industrial Fan
Brown KoldAir Fan
Aqua Blue KoldAir Fan

This has been a great start to my week and things have been going very well for me latley I just hope it keeps up! Have a great week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mood Plugs!

I love love love how these turned out! They are amazing and bring me back to my childhood when I would go to skate town and buy 2 or 3 mood rings at a time because I would always misplace them! Here are some pics!
Dark Blue and Green
The best part is sometimes depending on the temperature they will make a neat stripe pattern :D I'll try to get a picture of that up soon.

I've been thinking of getting my ears scapeled, not much but just a little so I can stretch more, I don't want the bottom of my lobes to get any thinner. I've realized if I would like to take my plugs out I'll probably have to get them sew up to look normal again. I don't see it happening in the near future at all, my ears mean to much to me for downsizing. It's a personal journey and I'm not done yet. I will probably be finding out details in the next week or two.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still busy! Agh! I think the hot weather makes me want to get out more...I'm kind of wishing it were colder so I could get more done at home but I won't complain :D
I have a lot of good news for you! Well things that I'm super excited about anyway.

First up is the big one! I WILL BE IN RENEGADE (CHICAGO) THIS YEAR!!! I actually didn't think I would get in but thought what the heck I'll apply and if I don't get in I don't...there's always next year. I'm in and I'm very excited about it but should be doing more to get ready :/ I know it's going to sneak up on me very soon. I'll have to start planning out layouts and how I'll organize all my stuff, this will def be a nice challange. I've only really been to little craft fairs here and there that didn't have many people attending so I hope this doesn't overwhelm me to much! And I will have more experiance if I'm accepted into Art vs. Craft in Milwaukee.

Second up is new plugs!
These ones are in the shop now!
Crystal Plugs
Crystal Plugs
Flower Plugs
Flower Plugs
Dictonary Plugs
Dictionary Plugs
Recycled Earring Plugs
5/8" Only pair
I should have another pair up tomorrow...this is the most exciting I've done so far MOOD PLUGS! Just like the mood rings I used to love!!! I'm so happy I was able to put this idea to work and get it done. Look for an update about those! Hopefully I will be doing a giveaway soon :D

I will also be putting up a couple of suitcases in the shop today...and hopefully getting to work on some clothing in the very very near future. I may just need a sitter for a whole day and whip out a ton of clothes, that would be nice.

Have a happy week!