Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Goodness

I've been pretty decent about hitting up rummage and estate sales the past couple of weeks. It's always a challange when you have a three year old hanging on you and wanting to be carried everywhere (it also doesn't help that he's already over half my size!). I will say that I love estate sales quite a bit more than rummage. I love the fact that they usually have 1/2 off everything on the last day and what I pick up no one else is looking for. I am regaining my love for rummage sales after buying some beautiful clothes last week (oh and it's good for the kids clothes when you can find the right size). Anyway here are a few vintage goodies I picked up the past couple of weeks that are in the shop now!

I'm going through an ugly on the outside beautiful on the inside/less than perfect kind of phase with some of my suitcases. They all need love and a good home and when I open them up the inside just makes me smile.

And now on to some fans!!! I love this style and these are by far some of the best fans I have had so far. I love photographing them!!! I do have one more that is not pictured that I will be refurbishing, but I haven't decided on colors yet so keep an eye out for that!
Black Diehl Industrial Fan
Brown KoldAir Fan
Aqua Blue KoldAir Fan

This has been a great start to my week and things have been going very well for me latley I just hope it keeps up! Have a great week!


  1. I love vintage suitcases! Every time my boyfriend and I go thrifting, I tell him how I'm going to buy him a vintage briefcase (for when he becomes a teacher) and send him to work every morning with a packed lunch inside :]

    Love and Turtledoves,

  2. That's tooo cute!!! I can't get enough of vintage suitcases except my collection seems to be a little excessive :/