Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still busy! Agh! I think the hot weather makes me want to get out more...I'm kind of wishing it were colder so I could get more done at home but I won't complain :D
I have a lot of good news for you! Well things that I'm super excited about anyway.

First up is the big one! I WILL BE IN RENEGADE (CHICAGO) THIS YEAR!!! I actually didn't think I would get in but thought what the heck I'll apply and if I don't get in I don't...there's always next year. I'm in and I'm very excited about it but should be doing more to get ready :/ I know it's going to sneak up on me very soon. I'll have to start planning out layouts and how I'll organize all my stuff, this will def be a nice challange. I've only really been to little craft fairs here and there that didn't have many people attending so I hope this doesn't overwhelm me to much! And I will have more experiance if I'm accepted into Art vs. Craft in Milwaukee.

Second up is new plugs!
These ones are in the shop now!
Crystal Plugs
Crystal Plugs
Flower Plugs
Flower Plugs
Dictonary Plugs
Dictionary Plugs
Recycled Earring Plugs
5/8" Only pair
I should have another pair up tomorrow...this is the most exciting I've done so far MOOD PLUGS! Just like the mood rings I used to love!!! I'm so happy I was able to put this idea to work and get it done. Look for an update about those! Hopefully I will be doing a giveaway soon :D

I will also be putting up a couple of suitcases in the shop today...and hopefully getting to work on some clothing in the very very near future. I may just need a sitter for a whole day and whip out a ton of clothes, that would be nice.

Have a happy week!

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