Monday, June 14, 2010

Sooooo I've been super busy with orders and new plugs latley but I'm here today! I'm going to give you a little sneak peek of a new project I have in mind.
Vintage News Paper Printing Blocks
That is a picture of a few newspaper printing blocks. I have a huge box of them that I got from 7 Mile fair about a month ago. I'm not sure how well they are going to print for me but I know some will work and others will not at all. My idea is to make some newspaper print fabric (dresses skirts shirts all that jazz too). No two will look alike! If it turns out the way I hope then it is going to be amazing so wish me luck :)

The place where I live is also having a gallery this July and a open house that should bring a lot of people in. I am hoping to be able to submit a dress or two, one with a painting on it (fabric dye painted on) and another with mass amounts of roses/flowers. It's a little hard to explain and I'm not the best at drawing clothes so you guys will have to wait a bit. I'm planning to start the pattern tonight so it shouldn't be terribly long for in progress photos. I would also like to do the open house and open up my apartment....but I've been slacking on things like painting my furniture for the living room and looking for new couches :/ but it should be done in time...fingers crossed!

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  1. Newspaper printing blocks for printing on fabric!! Brilliant idea! I can't wait to see them.