Monday, June 7, 2010


So this is my place to come and vent every now and then so I'm going to do it here today. Thankfully for you I have the wrist of a 90 year old lady today so it hurts to type and this blog may be short.

I hate hate hate dishonest people! I won't say exactly what is bothering me because I don't feel like I should call any specific person out. It's just super frustrating when people who are honest and follow the rules don't do as well as the others who lie and cheat..but I guess that's how it goes. I just hope karma comes around and kicks them in the pants...well not really but I hope they realize what they are doing is wrong and stop.

Okay I suppose that wasn't to much venting, thankfully I wrote this a little after I got all heated up on this subject.

Anywho good news! I have some new plug designs coming to the shop soon! All different sorts so keep your eyes peeled :) I also find out this week about Renegade in Chicago, I really really hope I get in! Then again I'm a little nervous that if I get in I'll be very scattered and unorganized :/ Wish me luck!

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