Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tie Dye Fun and Pink Suitcases

Sooooo I wanted to share our tie dye fun with you guys! We did it last week and it was a blast! Milo loved it and I'm sure we will do it again in the near future. Although I would like to find a more natural alternative to the dye, it hurt my fingers really bad (stung like a mother trucker!) it also dried them out a lot too. If any of you guys have more natural alternatives we could use (even if they're not super bright colors) I would love to hear them. Along with the shirts we did I also did a test chunk of fabric, a very large test chunk and I love how it turned out.
New Fabric
And now shirts with goofy faces and thumbs up!!
Thumbs Up for Tie Dye!!!
Errr Funny Faces!!!
Awesome pink suitcase that I found at an estate sale!!! Amazing condition. I'd keep it but I think I'll stick to my lime green one so this one will be up for grabs in my shop later today!
Awesome Pink Vintage Suitcase!
New shirt that will also be available...actually it's not new at all, I started this thing quite some time ago and it was sitting in my wip box for weeks :/
V Neck Stripe Shir
One last thing!! New plugs!
Zebra Stripe Plugs!
Awesome Colorful Plugs
white Mother of Pearl
Shell Plugs
Glass Plugs
Black Picasso Jasper Plugs
Wood Grain Plugs
Happy Thursday!!!

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