Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Day Giveaway Winner!!!

It's Madelyn!!
Congrats! Just let me know what you would like. I was hoping to gain many more followers and I got a few :)
Sorry I've been gone for awhile, crazy crazy weekend! I was trying to get a ton of things done before our gallery night at the wagon lofts. Unfortunately I did not get the skirts done that I wanted to but there's always next time! I did however come up with a new skirt pattern so look for that in my shop soon! And I found a rolling rack for a decent price that I will be picking up Wed, along with my industrial sewing machine that I can't wait to finally work on!
Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Seriously Awesome Etsy Shop!

So the other day I was looking in one of the daily etsy find guides and found this beauty when something strikes my eye of course I go to the shop! Then I started looking around and oh man do they have a lot of beauties! When I first started to get into resin I did a lot of research (of course I'm still learning) and I saw a lot of pieces and these are def in my top 5 favorites. I wish I could make things like they do! They are very very kind and helpful so go take a look around, it's worth looking at even if it is just for eye candy. I'm off to get my fingers measured now so I can sport one of their fancy rings in the near future. Oh and their shop name gives me a little giggle every time I see it :)
Here is a link to their shop!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Self Portrait Friday 6/52

I'm still nasty sick so I decided to take a picture of my ear without a plug in. I know this may be odd to some but it is something I really love about myself.

Stretched Ear w/o Plug
I got my ears pierced at 13 after many many years of bugging my parents. The finally caved first my sister got hers done and they tried to stop me but I got mine done a year after she did hers. They made a deal with us, they would take us to get our ears done and we would never get anything else done, no other piercings (even in the ears) tattoos...nothing. We agreed but for them it was like making a deal with the devil, it wasn't going to turn out well on their part.

I started to try stretching my ears around 15, not big or anything just up to 14 or 12 at first and got up to 6g by the time I was 16 but my parents saw it and flipped out, made me take them out and grounded me, needless to say they really really don't like it. After I turned 18 (well before but secretly and not a lot) I began stretching again and got to 3/4" I believe. Then I got pregnant and decided to take them out when I had Milo. I didn't have them out long and when I put them back in I was already up to a 0. Now 4 years later I'm at 1 1/16" and don't plan on stopping soon.

I love the look of huge lobes and would like to eventually get up to 1 1/2" (although my friends say NOOOO!!!). I have come to accept that if I ever do want "normal" lobes again I may need to get them sewn up and I'm okay with that. For me stretching my ears is like a growing process. It's a part of me and it makes me feel beautiful. My parents still don't accept it, but deal with it. I hope one day they will understand but I don't see that happening.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

V-Day Giveaway!!!

Sooo I'm joining the v-day spirit and doing a giveaway. My first giveaway to be exact.

I never really cared for valentines day, I either didn't have a boyfriend or didn't have one that cared enough to get me anything. I think the only thing I ever did get on valentines day was half a soft pretzel :/

BUT seeing all the beautiful things on etsy and hearing of couples that found each other and have a happy life owning an etsy store...well it got me all mushy and optimistic.

Although I still don't know where to look for a decent man so any pointers would help! Seriously...not kidding there...craigslist is creeping me out yet I still go on to look and see what's out there. Bad idea??

Anyways here's what's up for grabs!
The winner gets to pick between a cowl (choice of color) or hat (again choice of color) in my shop!
Blog Giveaway!
Blog Giveaway!

You have to be a follower
Leave a comment telling me about your best V-Day

Additional entries-
blog or tweet about my giveaway (please include link to my blog and don't forget to let me know you tweeted or blogged!).

I will randomly pick the winner on Valentines Day. Please spread the word, I only have a few blog followers so anything will help!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Update

So I'm venturing back into ebay :/
I HATE HATE HATE ebay. I've been in it since the beginning with my parents and it's gotten sooo much worse. But for now I need to stick it out. I'm going to frequent auctions more so I can support myself more until etsy hits off or I find some fantastic craft fairs to get into (although those only happen once a year or so).
I think I just need to go into it with high hopes. Fingers crossed for now! I put a few auctions up today and hopefully they do okay.

Still sick, Milo is too...but not as much as I am, that's what really sucks. Not having the energy to run around after him.

New business cards came in the mail today that I'm super excited about. Now I just have to gain more confidence about going up to people and striking up a conversation with them and letting them know I make custom plugs. It's a growing process.

I also received a cute little pouch in the mail that I bought from the dainty squid. I love it and will def be back for more :)

I really want to get my little gal reversible skirt up on etsy but will have to wait until the model is safe to come over (hopefully this cold will leave soon!). Here's a little sneak peak, trust me it looks a lot better on.

Last but not least, I attempted a little cooking tonight. I'm not saying I can't cook...but I only know how to cook a few things really good so this was a little adventure for me. Turned out pretty well, I'm sure it will improve with time.