Friday, February 5, 2010

Self Portrait Friday 6/52

I'm still nasty sick so I decided to take a picture of my ear without a plug in. I know this may be odd to some but it is something I really love about myself.

Stretched Ear w/o Plug
I got my ears pierced at 13 after many many years of bugging my parents. The finally caved first my sister got hers done and they tried to stop me but I got mine done a year after she did hers. They made a deal with us, they would take us to get our ears done and we would never get anything else done, no other piercings (even in the ears) tattoos...nothing. We agreed but for them it was like making a deal with the devil, it wasn't going to turn out well on their part.

I started to try stretching my ears around 15, not big or anything just up to 14 or 12 at first and got up to 6g by the time I was 16 but my parents saw it and flipped out, made me take them out and grounded me, needless to say they really really don't like it. After I turned 18 (well before but secretly and not a lot) I began stretching again and got to 3/4" I believe. Then I got pregnant and decided to take them out when I had Milo. I didn't have them out long and when I put them back in I was already up to a 0. Now 4 years later I'm at 1 1/16" and don't plan on stopping soon.

I love the look of huge lobes and would like to eventually get up to 1 1/2" (although my friends say NOOOO!!!). I have come to accept that if I ever do want "normal" lobes again I may need to get them sewn up and I'm okay with that. For me stretching my ears is like a growing process. It's a part of me and it makes me feel beautiful. My parents still don't accept it, but deal with it. I hope one day they will understand but I don't see that happening.

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  1. yeah, i hate my floppy ears. :(
    so yeah for you for being so brave to post your spf on your blog, and to be so open about yourself, your image and the way you feel. hugs.