Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Update

So I'm venturing back into ebay :/
I HATE HATE HATE ebay. I've been in it since the beginning with my parents and it's gotten sooo much worse. But for now I need to stick it out. I'm going to frequent auctions more so I can support myself more until etsy hits off or I find some fantastic craft fairs to get into (although those only happen once a year or so).
I think I just need to go into it with high hopes. Fingers crossed for now! I put a few auctions up today and hopefully they do okay.

Still sick, Milo is too...but not as much as I am, that's what really sucks. Not having the energy to run around after him.

New business cards came in the mail today that I'm super excited about. Now I just have to gain more confidence about going up to people and striking up a conversation with them and letting them know I make custom plugs. It's a growing process.

I also received a cute little pouch in the mail that I bought from the dainty squid. I love it and will def be back for more :)

I really want to get my little gal reversible skirt up on etsy but will have to wait until the model is safe to come over (hopefully this cold will leave soon!). Here's a little sneak peak, trust me it looks a lot better on.

Last but not least, I attempted a little cooking tonight. I'm not saying I can't cook...but I only know how to cook a few things really good so this was a little adventure for me. Turned out pretty well, I'm sure it will improve with time.


  1. Pouch is cute. Skirt is super cute! (Can't wait to see it on her). And what did you cook?

  2. Hahaha not sure what it's called. Learned it from Beth..umm...potatoes and cheese fried in a tortilla. Super yum...way better when she makes them :)