Sunday, January 31, 2010


The other day I realized how much fabric I have (again). I opened up a tote that I hadn't opened since before I moved and started digging around in it.
I don't think I've touched any of this fabric since over a year ago...and that was just when I bought and washed it. It's always hard for me to cut into certain fabrics and this whole tote included those certain fabrics. I made a pile (maybe
1/4th of the tote) and decided to cut into them this week. I will most likely be making skirts, maybe some dresses if I feel adventurous. These are all decent cut of fabric too so I'm not sure what I'm so worried about, if anything it will finally be able to be loved by someone instead of just sitting in a tote where no one can see it.
All of it is thrifted, some sheets, some vintage fabric and some cuts of fabric never used.
Thrifted Fabric and Sheets
Today I will be slacking....a lot. I'm sick and hopefully will be better by tomorrow.

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