Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Things are finally starting to come together, maybe I should watch what I say so I don't jinx myself!
I was able to visit 3 (yes 3!!) of the people I love today and get some grocery shopping done all before 1!! Usually I don't see anyone, especially in the winter. I'm usually a hermit and do things by myself but when it's cold I try not to plan things with people to much so I don't have to go out if I don't need to (even though I usually end up bored and going to the thrift store by myself :/).
Milo is getting back onto his regular sleep schedule (FINALLY!!!) and went down last night around 8...and woke up at 6 (like his regular sleep schedule). Even though I had my alarm set at 6 I was def not prepared for this! It's been nice "sleeping in" until 7:30 the past few weeks and it's soooo dark at 6!!!! But it's for the best.
We were out the door and headed to Woodmans by 8:30, I'm not sure how but when we got there (probably half an hour away from where we live now) time flew by and it was already quarter to ten. So off to my cousins house to take some pictures of her little man in some hats I made up awhile ago.
Chunky Baby Hat in Green
It was nice seeing her, even for the short amount of time we were there.
Then off to my grandparents for a quick hello. Its always nice seeing them and I'm never in the area. The grandma food is always a plus :)
After that I went thrifting with one of my good friends and picked up a wool army blanket for a very decent price.
Even though I was only able to see each person for about an hour it was really nice, I miss everyone and sometimes take for granted how many wonderful people I have in my life. I just wanted to take the time to say I love you all!

And now to finish off with some awesome news, I got some goats milk today and plan on making some soap tonight! Super excited and can't wait! I also have my oils coming (no later than next Tuesday) and can't wait to get soap back in my shop! Pics tomorrow!

I got a few more items into my shop today also, keeping up with my goals and it's making me feel better about things everyday :)


  1. wow, lots of awesome-ness going no! those little hats are going to be so cute with that little newborn in them :) yeah for getting some goats milk too! did you not get laundry done though?hehe :P

  2. I may just wait until I have a sitter to go do the laundry...not sure I want Milo running around in there and I could get some much needed me the laundromat hahahaha