Saturday, January 9, 2010


Right now my ears are at 1". In this picture I'm holding a 2" tunnel, of course I wouldn't go that big but I really really would like to go up a bit. The thought of this is both exciting and terrifying. I haven't stretched my ears in quite some time, and I have gone to fast in the past and torn my ears (OUCH! Never again). The next size up that I have is 1 1/16" and it's quite a stretch from 1", still trying to decide what to do and how to do it, it will take some time but I think I'm up for another stretch.

Now onto my goals for the week.
1. Finish up the chairs for my dinning room table
Done. Well sort of, two are totally finished and the other two are half finished I still need to replace the wood :/ But thankfully there's only two of us so the chairs don't need to be done this second (procrastinating??). They will however be done by next week for sure.
Two Chairs Done!
I might just have to find some other chairs to reupholster to go with my formica table! These are just so darn cute with my little round white table!
2. Figure out how to write up a pdf patter the cowl
Pdf-not done. Still working on it and hope to have it all put together by the end of the night if I can figure it all out (I'm a technological idiot).
3. Getting a new item up in the shop.
This goal was talking about these little cuties
Upcycled Ties!
I also was able to get some other things up in the shop that I've been putting off including the owl trivets and baby hat (I posted about this week) and a reversible custom skirt listing I've been putting off for far to long.
Reversible Skirt Green/Tan
And soap!!! I finally tried making goats milk soap (with success!)

All in all this week was pretty good (I even ended up making a shirt for myself today). But it could have been better. This upcoming week I'm going to challenge myself more.


  1. Omg! I LOVE that first pciture of you!!! Great photography!

  2. I'm getting better at photographing myself!!! yay!! You still do it better than I do! hahaha

  3. Oh I don't know about that! You are getting really good and you have better equipment! lol I think you may have surpassed me.