Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Looking Up

Sorry it's been awhile. I skipped out on Friday Favorites (probably not a good thing that I didn't even get one in yet! yikes!! Promise it will be there this Friday).
The weekend was, well unproductive to say the least but I had a blast visiting my bff and wouldn't trade it for anything. We went thrifting in MN and I got some pretty snazzy things! Including some depressing pictures, handmade coffee cups and a handmade owl that opens up.
New Owl
Now back to reality, as soon as I got home I started filling out applications and working on some things that I put off last week. I already have some pictures of some new items that will be going in the shop but I'm planning to list on Saturday mornings only now, that way I can get a ton done and put it on all at once instead of one here and there. So look for new things starting this Saturday!!
This lovely lady has also helped me a little with my plugs and I am getting crazy amounts of contacts on flickr and messages (pst she's having a giveaway right now for her cute little coin purses! Go check it out!!). Things are finally starting to fall into place and I love it.
There's not much else to say right now. I am stretching my ears up to 1 1/16" and getting new tunnels for myself so expect to see some new designs available soon!

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