Saturday, December 5, 2009


Usually I am a pretty patient person. This past week however, not so much. I'm sooo excited for the possibilities and what could happen in the future. Moving out is a big part of it. I'm hoping on this one apartment and if you've talked to me recently you know I can't shut up about it (sorry I'm sure it's getting old). I found out yesterday they accepted my application for one of the first apartments I looked at so that gives me high hopes for the one I really want. I'll shut up about it now but keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me please :)
I also have been working on some more dresses and what not, just no place to photograph :/ I'll def get some pictures before my next craft show though just in case I have some sell I'll have some pictures of them. I found a lovely lady up in Milwaukee that I want to take etsy pictures for me in the near future (late jan early feb) as long as I get my inventory up. Hopefully that will spike up my sales and show the quality of the items.
It's probably unhealthy how excited I am for things and I hope I'm not getting my hopes up but I can dream can't I???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Up since 2am and unable to get anymore sleep.

Ugh exhausting past couple of days. I decided to move out of my sisters and her boyfriends house on Sunday, we're just not in the same living mindset at the moment and it's best for everyone. I will finally have my own place!!! It started out bad though, the way I told my sister I was moving out was not the best (in a heated argument) and I started packing the next day (looking to move out mid month). It was tense for a couple of days but then we both leveled up and talked about it like adults, and we both agree it's for the best (for everyone). I began searching for apartments/flats all that jazz. We found a few that were decent (still looking!!) but one that really caught my eye. I have always loved these apartments, well lofts, and never thought I would be able to get into them but I've realized these past couple of years nothing is impossible. I called to see if there were any available and there's a two bedroom for a pretty decent price. I went in without high hopes just in case but I fell in love with the place and it is where I would like to be and could make a home. It is focused on art and artist, there's a darkroom, kiln, painting studio, mini theater and sooo much more available for the tenants. The lofts are HUGE and I would be able to fit all my stuff in it and still have mass amounts of space! There are also soooo many wonderful photo spots (in the loft and throughout the building) that would be awesome for improving my etsy pictures. I'm handing in my application tomorrow again not with high hopes, it will work out how it's supposed to and I will keep looking in the meantime but I am excited to see what the future holds.
I have also been job searching for the past couple of days for a part time possibly full time job. This is going to be an adventure and I am very very excited for it. Of course I will still be creating and selling my works in my spare time.
Now to explain why I've been up since two in the morning, Milo couldn't sleep so of course that means I can't either ahhh motherhood (I still love it). The morning was very eventful to say the least, more so drama filled but I won't get into that. Now it's 6 and the hopes of more sleep are basically impossible. Here comes the coffee!! A couple of updates, since I've been packing it's hard to take good pictures of the new items (aka dresses) I have made so those may have to hold off until later.
I recently realized how much vinyl I have and started cutting into it yesterday to make some little bags/pouches/clutches whatever you'd like to call them. Here's a little sneak peak
I may line them all with lime green fabric I thrifted some time ago that I need to cut into :)
Goodbye for now! Hopefully I will be able to get some pics up of the dresses before the end of the week.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Updates

So the fashion market didn't go as well as I had hoped. I think it may have been due to the holiday weekend. Only a handfull of people showed up but I did make my money back and came up with some new ideas. I also met some amazing people and plan on going back for the fashion market on the 19th, with clothes added onto my inventory (already have three finished.
The best thing about the fashion market is it really put things into perspective on where I want to be and what I have to do. I got started right away this week, I'm cleaning out my whole craft room and not buying anymore fabric until I use a lot of what I have up. I ordered some new business cards (not just ones that I print up at home), came up with a logo and made some tags today!!!!
I did half with the recycle image on it and half without since some of the things I make are half/half recycled/new items, but I am going to strive for all recycled items in the near future.
I also put a new wool cowl up in my shop that is made to order. I love the stitch pattern I came up for it!!! And it's super soft!!
While I was going through my fabric stash I organized and put all the solids together and made up a little color chart. These are the corors I will be offering in my shop for the reversible skirts.
I'm also going to be moving again so right now I am working on cleaning out my life (again) I already have a few bags for goodwill and I know it won't end there. Apartment and job searching will be part of my daily life the next couple of weeks, fun fun fun.
Hope everyone has a good week!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giveaway from The Dainty Squid

I love this lady, she's so cute and has great style. Check out her blog!

You Win Some, You Lose Some

The craft show I went to at our local mall did not go as planned at all. I was supposed to be there Friday through Sunday over 9 hours each day (except Sunday). I did not have a sitter for Milo until about 5 for Friday and Saturday so I had to bring him with me. When I arrived to set up I saw where I was located, def not the best place especially for what I was selling. I sold $3 Friday and left an hour early, I had some other people come up to me and say they also sold less than $10 and one guy wasn't even coming back because it wasn't worth his time. I also found out that in the past years they had all the crafters grouped together, that was not the case this year, we were scattered throughout the whole mall. I went back on Saturday with very little hope and packed up an hour after being there, no one was even looking at my stuff. This discouraged me greatly but I guess you win some and you lose some. I have a fashion market in two weeks that I am very very excited for and I did get a lot whipped out last week so I have twice as much inventory as I did before (with more to come). All in all I'm going to take it as a learning experiance, I did just jump right in when I should have found out how much advertising they did and how they had done in the past years. I will def not be going back to that craft show.
Good news, I brought Milos car bed upstairs and he's finally in a big boy bed (and doing good!). His bookshelf is up there (not all his books but it's a start) and everything is organized finally. I also made some curtains here's a little view of it. Don't mind the wall we're still working on it and I want to sand everything down before painting so it won't look clumpy.
I'm also working on some clothes this week as long as I keep with it and Milo cooperates.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mail Porn!! And a few other things.

Ahh yes mail porn, I love it. Lately I've been spending some of my earnings on etsy. Here's a picture of what I got in the mail today.
The photographs are from this shop, she's adorable.
The buttons are from this shop, I can't wait to dig my yarn into those cute little button holes :)
And last but not least I purchased some makeup (that I don't have a picture of because I already dug into it and I'm to lazy to go upstairs and get it) from this cute shop (owned by a wisconsinite!). She has some of the most amazing makeup! I can't wait to buy more!

That's all I have for the mail porn. Today was fantastic! Milo woke me up at 4am, usually I'm not up to getting up that early but it was nice today and I got a lot done before 6. Then on a whim we decided to go watch the sunrise, it wasn't the best I've seen but still very beautiful and we had a blast running around waiting for it to come up. We also saw the sunset and it was AMAZING, but of course I didn't have my camera. So here are some pictures of this morning for you to enjoy!

Yesterday I was informed by my sil that she found some organic cotton (100%) jersey at the local fabric store so I jumped in my car and picked it up. Unfortunately they only had one so I bought the rest of the bolt. I would love to find a good organic cotton supplier so if anyone has some info on any please let me know!

I also have been working on a new cowl (knitting pattern) I knit one up the other night after it took quite awhile I unraveled it all :( but I finally figured it out and am happy with the end result. Here's a sneak peak.

I hope the rest of the week is just as productive! Ohhh very very good news before I end. Yesterday I found out that our mall is having a craft show this weekend and they still have openings so guess who's going!!! Super excited :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day and 7 Mile Fair!

FINALLY!! A nice day in WI (and tomorrow is supposed to be amazing also). I retook some pictures for my shop (all the hat pictures) and I think I'm getting the knack of being the model/photographer. I also had some help from my sister...well if that's what you want to call it, we did get some nice pictures though.
After picture taking and some cleaning we headed off to 7 Mile Fair with some friends. There is a guy there that sells mass amounts of leather scraps and I always raid his both, I hate the smell of leather and what it is but it is beautiful and feels amazing! And the fact that it's scraps and not a whole new hide help me justify buying it. Look for new items with leather soon! He also sells amazing belt buckles but I haven't caved in and bought any yet. Here's a little taste of what he has.
I really need to start carrying my camera around, especially to 7 Mile, so many awesome picture opportunities there! But it's hard with a kid (I actually stole this pic from a friend that went with me).
Here's some pictures of all the color hats I have available right now!
Tonight will be filled with knitting and watching movies! If only I had popcorn.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Excited for November!

Yesterday I went to s boutique/sewing school up in Milwaukee called Fashion Ninja to sign up for a Fashion Market they are having on the 27th and 28th of this month. It was AMAZING and I can't wait to go back and be able to look around more! I'm gearing up for the Fashion Market and have very high hopes for it, I think I will fit in there a lot better than the craft fairs I have gone to in the past (nothing against them I just feel a little out of place, I still love them). If it goes well this month they're also having one in December. I will keep you all updated and encourage those in the area to go and check it out. I just wish I would've been able to make it into Art vs. Craft and Renegade this year (although I don't think I would have been as prepared).
I've decided to make some cowls out of store bought yarn instead of recycled, but don't worry I'm supporting a local business. I usually went up to Milwaukee for my yarn but found out today that there's an adorable little yarn shop in Kenosha (a lot closer than the one I was going to) called Fiddlehead Yarns. I will admit I went a little crazy but I have to get ready for the Christmas season.
All balled up and ready for me to tear into!
I hope the month keeps up with the way it has been for me all week, I love this feeling! Also can't wait for UP to come out on dvd.
I'll leave you with a picture of a yummy pomegranate I cut up this morning.
Oh and there are new cowls up in the shop! Well new colors at least, and pictures of different ways to wear them, go check it out! It's hard being the model and photographer but I think I'm getting the hang of it. My pictures are okay but I would like them to represent the item better. I'm working on it, any hints would be awesome.
Have a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Lots of updates for you guys! I have a couple more cowls up in the shop and more to come this week, look for a white and burnt red later this week :)
Here are some pictures of the new green ones I just put on
October went by so fast! It started with a concert and ended with Halloween it was an amazing month. Now for the updates!
After going apple picking earlier in the month Milo and I made some delicious apple sauce! I've never left the skins on while cooking before so I tried it out this time and I think I like it better that way :)
Now for the Halloween costumes
Milo was Batman!
I went out for my friends birthday as a sailor. I made my whole outfit including the hat. After making that hat I really want to try making some hats for in my shop :D
Sorry for the bad photos, I was in a rush :/
For my sisters birthday I made her a Jessica Rabbit costume that was quite reveling, but hey it's what she wanted. Everyone loved it.
Last but not least, I crocheted a Where's Waldo hat for my friend.

One more thing to share with you before I end this post. I've been working on a reversible skirt made from reclaimed sheets, let me know what you think! While I was putting it on the mannequin I thought maybe it could double as a shirt?? But then again I kind of think it looks like a skirt you're wearing for a shirt that way :/ hahahaha
I hope to have this up by the end of the month.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintage Goodness

I finished up a few hats today for my (technically) first craft fair this sat! I am super excited about it!
It was super nice out today and I couldn't resist going outside, I was even productive and got some pictures taken. I like to think that I'm improving on my photo taking ability (especially when I have to be the model and photographer) but I know there is room for great improvement. I have great products now I just have to take great photos to show that.
A new handmade item up in my shop! Seahorse Skeleton Pink Shirt!
I also listed some vintage goodies in my shop that I can no longer hold on to here in hope that they may give someone else the joy that they gave me.
I am working on hat and scarf sets for my nephews. The hats are already done, beanie style! I loved crocheting these little things and may end up putting some in the shop sometime soon. Keep an eye out for some action pictures soon :)
If anyone is interested in the big ol sunglasses that have come back into style I will be putting some up in the shop soon...they just don't look good on me :/
I know it's already the end of the day but happy Monday!! And hopefully everyone will have a wonderful week! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope the rest of the week is as beautiful out as today was.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Blog,

I forgot about you again. Don't take it personally, it's just that....well I've been having an affair on you with my knitting needles, and crochet hook...and....well the freezer paper in the kitchen (the razorblade joined in at one point). We both knew this from the begining, I need to share the love, and if I didn't then I would have no interesting stories to tell you about. I hope you can understand it's the best for both...well actually the best for all of us. I won't be away so long next time.

For some reason I had to start off with that. In a way I feel bad for neglecting my blog, but then again if I spend to much time on the internet I feel even worse sometimes. So far it has been a super productive week. I was able to get about 25 hats 3/4ths done, now I'm working on knitting up some brims and would like to have them done by Saturday so I can work on other things to bring to the craft fair on the 24th.
Unfortunatly I'm still procrastinating with the skirts. After party on the pavement I trashed my work area and hadn't really touched it since (to busy working on hats). All yesterday was spent making hat brims and cleaning the basement. I'm so happy to have everything organized once again and I have so many new ideas to work on (after I get the old ones done of course).
I have also been working on getting some shirts made, I was able to make a seahorse skeleton one yesterday and can't wait to do more. Right now I am using freezer paper but would love to eventually go into screen printing (I'll have to buy all the supplies once again). I am very excited about this but not jumping in to fast, I'll get my feet wet first so I don't end up drowning myself in the end.
It's getting cold out, not the nice kind of fall that I like but it's a nasty cold (without the snow, at least if there was snow it may be more fun/tolerable). On the upside for some reason since it's getting colder I'm staying up later. I have no way of explaining this but the past week I've been staying up until 12/1am when I used to pass out by 10pm (at the latest). I'm getting more done and I feel great about it, hopefully this perk will keep up throughout the whole winter.
I'll try not to neglect you so much!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Free shipping on all handmade items in my shop from now until October 16th, discounts on international shipping just convo me for details! Limited supply on all items so grab what you can while you can! Please spread the word!

A Few Sites to Share

These sites are driving me crazy with laughter!!! Thought I would share them with all of you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


New items up on etsy today, go check it out!
I need to expand my blog followers. Not sure how many of you out there visit my page but as of right now I only have two people that actually follow me (publicly) and I would love to get that number up so I could do some giveaways and share the things I love with other people. If anyone has any advice on how to do this I'd appreciate the input :)
Less than two weeks until the "green" craft fair I'm in that is located in Milwaukee, WI. I can't wait! It will technically be my first ever actual craft fair and I plan to do many many more after that. If anyone is interested in details let me know!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Hats! Vegan Friendly!!

The first two are 100% acrylic!! I'm sooo glad that I don't have to stick to just wool blends.
Sorry I got a little corny with the pictures
Electric Cotton Candy Blue!
Bubble Gum Pink!
And a purple wool acrylic blend.
As I stated in the previous post I found mass amounts of more sweaters to unravel. It's going to be a long long week. Here's a preview of some upcoming colors.

I am now going to be known as the bum who buys sweaters at thrift stores

Wow what a long, exciting, egsauhsting, crazy and fun weekend. Friday I ended up picking my bff up from the airport and later that night we went out for a couple hours so we could hang out with some amazing friends we haven't seen in awhile, after tagging many many hats scarves and cowls for Saturday. Saturday was a blast at Party on the Pavement (in downtown Racine)! I was only able to stay for 5 hours but it was well worth it. I spent time with my son and talking to many people about the things I make (and sell). In total I sold 8 hats and 1 scarf, a lot better than I expected since it wasn't to planned out and a chilly day. At 5 we were off to Chicago for the Brand New concert. I couldn't have had a better time and can't wait to get out more and go to some more with my sister, still sore today from it though (the only downside). Milo stayed at my parents and got some much needed grandparents and nephew time.
Now Sunday is what my title is all about. I had to stock up on some sweaters to unravel for the upcoming holidays. I though I'd only find one or two so I didn't grab a cart at Value Village. Boy was I wrong! After having 5+ sweaters in my hands overwhelming me I finally decided to grab a cart. I filled it, all with sweaters and some knit bags. With all the crazy looks I was getting (and not in the best clothes since it was a relaxing day) I'm sure I looked like I was stocking up for a no heat winter or like I was a bum. It was actaully pretty hilarious, especially when they gave me a garbage bag to put it all in and carry it out. To add to the bummness the bag was so heavy I had to sling it over my shoulder, man I wish I had a picture!!
Anyway I've been getting a lot done and hope to have some pictures up today of the new hats so expect another post by the end of the night with updates!
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Items!

So my computer is back up and running!! But the day I got it the internet went out otherwise I would have had pictures up sooner. October is going to go by soooo fast, I will be selling at some local craft fairs and other events so if you see something you like up in the shop grab it now because it may be gone soon! I have also been working on some more hats, brighter colors and vegan friendly (100% acrylic). Everything new (that I don't sell out on the 3rd) will be listed in the shop around the 5th. Anyway here are pictures of the cowls I've been working on! They are all 100% recycled and vegan friendly (100% cotton or 100% modal) and you can wear them many different ways.
Action shot
Yellow Cowl
Red Cowl
Brown Cowl
Other colors are avaliable, check in my shop if you're interested (whatever I don't sell on the third will be listed on the 5th, if you would like to purchase one before then let me know and we can work something out).
Here is another cowl I have been working on made from 100% bulky wool yarn (from my local yarn store that I love and don't get to visit to often).
100% Wool Gray Cowl
100% Wool Gray Cowl
Enjoy!! I hope to get another post up before Saturday but I'm pretty booked this week so don't hold me to it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

This week has been a craze of ups and downs but for the most part it's been pretty good (except for the fact that technology hates me...but I'm learning to deal with it). I have a few more sweaters to unravel and then a lot of crocheting and knitting to do! All the cowls are done (until I find more jersey sheets)!!
Next week I have party on the pavement to attend and a brand new concert at night! Super excited my bff is coming down to visit for the concert and my sister is going also which makes it twice as awesome! I was going to start doing Friday Favorites but there's a lot on my plate this week so hopefully next Friday (if I'm not to busy with party on the pavement items). Still no camera :( I really really want to share pictures of the cowls I've been making and put some things up on etsy but that will have to wait.
Tomorrow I will be making it to an awesome rummage sale that has a ton of vintage and craft items!!!! I'm sure I'll score something good there. I'll try and get some pictures taken for you guys. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer Bugs UPDATED!

Well not really bugs...but problems none the less. I was going to put some items up on etsy today and went to plug my memory card into my computer tower. It didn't work. I tried it a couple of more times, still nothing. Then I got down on my hands and knees and saw the problem. One of the little prongs (?not sure if that's what they're called) is bent. Great, now I have to haul the damn thing back to best buy (bought it a month ago, specifically because it had the memory card ports built right in) and see if they'll charge me to fix it. Fanfrickentastic, hopefully they can fix it there (free of charge) and I won't have to get another one shipped to me or anything (after putting programs and all that jazz on this one). Keep your fingers crossed for me!
On a lighter note, I got some goodies yesterday including a beautiful vintage handbag (that I don't have pictures up of because of the damn computer!!) and some t-shirts that I cut up to make into hats (looks pretty neat actually, again no pics). I didn't get nearly enough done yesterday due to Milo acting out because he's sick and Heroes being on but I should have at least one new skirt up by the end of the week, maybe a few more scarves!

Good news and bad. I'll start with the bad and end with the good. The bad part is my computer has to be switched out (it will take at least 8 days for the new one to come in) and I probably won't be able to post pictures (unless I get to a computer that can) for at least a week. That also means no more etsy items up until I get the new computer :(
Butttt when I do get the pictures up I will be able to show you the lovely new scarves I made tonight!! And a new style of skirt that I've been working on! So be patient and keep an eye out :)
In the end I suppose it's all good news because I don't have to pay to fix my computer and I'm getting new things done while it's down. Have a good night!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So now I have been sick for over a week. It started out with a little sniffle and progressed with ups and downs like crazy. I actually thought it was over and done with a couple of days its still here, and after it seemed to get better it's getting worse again. Not only that but Milo has it (hasn't really phased him other than the booger nose and he's a little more times). Then my best friend (who was visiting for a couple of weeks got it) right when she did she went out and bought a TON of medicine like airborn, dayquil, daily vitamins, and who knows what else. I thought it was actually pretty hilarious because every four hours she jumps up and says "I have to take my (fill in the blank). But this got me thinking, whenever I'm sick I just try to take care of myself a little better eat healthy and drink lots of oj...should I just go her way and pump myself full of random things that I don't even know how to pronounce the things that it contains??? I think I'll stick to my oj but what do you guys think?
I really didn't get much of anything done last week so I need to catch up on work, sickness or no sickness I need to start whipping things out for some upcoming craft fairs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Fresh Start

This will be my second blog. Needless to say the first one didn't go so well, it was messy, scattered and felt like a job. This one is going to be much more organized and kept up and fun. I will be posting about my thrifty finds, some family things, etsy and of course my endeavors.

This is me.
Pink Recycled Slouchy Hat.

And my son with my sisters dog Izzy.

Some things I make.

Plugs for stretched ears
Where's Waldo Plugs for Stretched Ears
White, red, yellow and black Upcycled Scarf.

Slouchy hats
White Recycled Slouchy Hat.

DSCN1724Upcycled Batman  Skirt.
I try to be as eco friendly as possible and only use recycled materials for my hats, scarves, and skirts (made out of thrifted sheets, sweaters, and blankets).

Things are a little tough right now, but we have each other and we're figuring it out little by little. I am no longer employed and have decided to go the self-employed route making things and selling them on craft fairs, etsy, and wherever life brings us.

Stick around I'd love to hear your opinions and I will be doing some giveaways in the future!