Monday, October 5, 2009

I am now going to be known as the bum who buys sweaters at thrift stores

Wow what a long, exciting, egsauhsting, crazy and fun weekend. Friday I ended up picking my bff up from the airport and later that night we went out for a couple hours so we could hang out with some amazing friends we haven't seen in awhile, after tagging many many hats scarves and cowls for Saturday. Saturday was a blast at Party on the Pavement (in downtown Racine)! I was only able to stay for 5 hours but it was well worth it. I spent time with my son and talking to many people about the things I make (and sell). In total I sold 8 hats and 1 scarf, a lot better than I expected since it wasn't to planned out and a chilly day. At 5 we were off to Chicago for the Brand New concert. I couldn't have had a better time and can't wait to get out more and go to some more with my sister, still sore today from it though (the only downside). Milo stayed at my parents and got some much needed grandparents and nephew time.
Now Sunday is what my title is all about. I had to stock up on some sweaters to unravel for the upcoming holidays. I though I'd only find one or two so I didn't grab a cart at Value Village. Boy was I wrong! After having 5+ sweaters in my hands overwhelming me I finally decided to grab a cart. I filled it, all with sweaters and some knit bags. With all the crazy looks I was getting (and not in the best clothes since it was a relaxing day) I'm sure I looked like I was stocking up for a no heat winter or like I was a bum. It was actaully pretty hilarious, especially when they gave me a garbage bag to put it all in and carry it out. To add to the bummness the bag was so heavy I had to sling it over my shoulder, man I wish I had a picture!!
Anyway I've been getting a lot done and hope to have some pictures up today of the new hats so expect another post by the end of the night with updates!
Happy Monday!

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