Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Items!

So my computer is back up and running!! But the day I got it the internet went out otherwise I would have had pictures up sooner. October is going to go by soooo fast, I will be selling at some local craft fairs and other events so if you see something you like up in the shop grab it now because it may be gone soon! I have also been working on some more hats, brighter colors and vegan friendly (100% acrylic). Everything new (that I don't sell out on the 3rd) will be listed in the shop around the 5th. Anyway here are pictures of the cowls I've been working on! They are all 100% recycled and vegan friendly (100% cotton or 100% modal) and you can wear them many different ways.
Action shot
Yellow Cowl
Red Cowl
Brown Cowl
Other colors are avaliable, check in my shop if you're interested (whatever I don't sell on the third will be listed on the 5th, if you would like to purchase one before then let me know and we can work something out).
Here is another cowl I have been working on made from 100% bulky wool yarn (from my local yarn store that I love and don't get to visit to often).
100% Wool Gray Cowl
100% Wool Gray Cowl
Enjoy!! I hope to get another post up before Saturday but I'm pretty booked this week so don't hold me to it.

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