Monday, September 7, 2009

A Fresh Start

This will be my second blog. Needless to say the first one didn't go so well, it was messy, scattered and felt like a job. This one is going to be much more organized and kept up and fun. I will be posting about my thrifty finds, some family things, etsy and of course my endeavors.

This is me.
Pink Recycled Slouchy Hat.

And my son with my sisters dog Izzy.

Some things I make.

Plugs for stretched ears
Where's Waldo Plugs for Stretched Ears
White, red, yellow and black Upcycled Scarf.

Slouchy hats
White Recycled Slouchy Hat.

DSCN1724Upcycled Batman  Skirt.
I try to be as eco friendly as possible and only use recycled materials for my hats, scarves, and skirts (made out of thrifted sheets, sweaters, and blankets).

Things are a little tough right now, but we have each other and we're figuring it out little by little. I am no longer employed and have decided to go the self-employed route making things and selling them on craft fairs, etsy, and wherever life brings us.

Stick around I'd love to hear your opinions and I will be doing some giveaways in the future!


  1. yey amanda!! im glad you are back. is milo in a doggie bed? hehe he is such a cutie, love your hats. i just read that someones gran use to knit up sweaters for her family and when they became too ill fitting or whatever, she unraveled them and made something new! how clever, huh?

  2. If only the unraveling part was easier!