Monday, September 21, 2009


So now I have been sick for over a week. It started out with a little sniffle and progressed with ups and downs like crazy. I actually thought it was over and done with a couple of days its still here, and after it seemed to get better it's getting worse again. Not only that but Milo has it (hasn't really phased him other than the booger nose and he's a little more times). Then my best friend (who was visiting for a couple of weeks got it) right when she did she went out and bought a TON of medicine like airborn, dayquil, daily vitamins, and who knows what else. I thought it was actually pretty hilarious because every four hours she jumps up and says "I have to take my (fill in the blank). But this got me thinking, whenever I'm sick I just try to take care of myself a little better eat healthy and drink lots of oj...should I just go her way and pump myself full of random things that I don't even know how to pronounce the things that it contains??? I think I'll stick to my oj but what do you guys think?
I really didn't get much of anything done last week so I need to catch up on work, sickness or no sickness I need to start whipping things out for some upcoming craft fairs.


  1. sorry you are sick :o(. happy you started a new blog!i take acidopholous every day. it keeps the good bugs abundant to fight off the bad bugs when they try to get in. i only get about 2 colds a year and they last about 3 days and are super mild. the other thing that i (dont)do that i think makes a big difference??? i stopped blowing my nose about 9 yrs ago. i was told by a natural bent dr. that the forceful blowing reinfects you ever time.

  2. yeah for a new blog! I am with you, drink plenty of oj when you are sick. you shouldtry to get some tea with licorice or chicory, that will help with the scratchy throat. or jyst some chamomile, lots of vitamin c in there. hope you feel better soon, it would be great to hang out later this week!
    hopefully this blog works out better for you, blog about whatever inspires you or what you are passionate about and then maybe it wont be such a chore!

  3. yeah, youre batman skirt totally rocks too by the way ^_^

  4. Oh no!!! Really blowing your nose is bad!! Crap! This is only the second time I've gotten sick this year, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it's the last of the year too.