Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week Wrapup

This has been a very very frustrating week. It started out okay, halfway through was rediculus but the end was pretty great, so I suppose it was all okay except for the middle. I went to a wedding yesterday and it was a blast! I was able to see sooo many old friends and I really miss some of them. We also were able to go catch some frogs and tadpoles this weekend and the little man had a blast :)
Here's a couple pics from before the wedding
Me and Milo
My little man is growing up soooo fast :(
I was also able to finish up some new plugs!!!
Flower Plugs
I love love love how they turned out! Especially the imperfections.

We were able to sneak out to seven mile fair this morning and I have some nice goodies to show you guys soon :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sooo I thought I would share a little something with you. Every week I have craft night. Usually it involves some great company, a couple of beers, and crafting of course! This is something we worked on the last time, my friend needed a clown costume by the end of the week so we stopped at Value Village picked up some sheets and got to work as soon as he came to craft night, finished project

Here is the tv stand I've been working on. There will eventually be fish in it once I make a tank to fit the inside and finish the paint job(probably going to be done on another craft night). I'm not sure what to do with the lower part (speaker part), maybe I'll do some red behind the bars or something, it just looks a little out of place.

Onto the plants!!! I'm horrible with them, I have a black thumb but I did get some sunflowers growing!! They need to be replanted, there's also a mini grapefruit tree growing in there that I'm very excited about. The plants next to them are dying, I've tried everything and now there's only one left :( But on an upside I bought a vine plant that's doing fantastic! I planted it in a bed pan so that's pretty funny, I'll have to take a pic of that for next time.

New Plugs in the shop later today!!!
Music notes, these have been on my todo list for a very very very long time (since I began doing plugs actually). I'm happy they are finally here.

Wiggly eye plugs!

I have an awesome pair to show you tomorrow also! They include pressed flowers and turned out amazing!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Do All The Good People Go?

I try not to notice it but respect is missing from our world today, it's still there in some places but it's hard to find...maybe it's the town I live in, but then again aren't all towns basically the same in the end? You're going to find hate everywhere, along with love. I think since I've lived here my whole life its more apparent to me then other places...but it's all the same in the end, with the good comes the bad. Sorry I rambled there for a minute, back to respect. It needs to make a NOW. People need to realize their actions, even the small ones effect people. I will admit I went through a phase where I didn't respect anyone or anything, I learned from it and fell awful for the things I did, even apologised for things. But seriously once you're 19-20 at the oldest you need to wake up and smell the coffee....or keep being disrespectful and get a punch in the face.
I can't wait for this week to be over!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So yesterday I went on a little adventure for a personal sail boat that was free on craigslist....I asked them if it would be possible to hold it for me and they said no problem (since I was an hour away I didn't want to get there and have it gone). Just like my luck it was gone when we got there :( but we did end up finding quite a few goodies at random thrift stores on the way so it wasn't a wasted trip after all.

I also acquired a chair very similar to this and started to paint it last night, I'm very excited to have it up!
This fancy thing will also be going into my living room, another project I was painting last night. Hopefully eventually I will get some fish in it but I need to figure out a tank option first (I may have to end up building one or something like that, we'll see). My living room is starting to come together and it's looking great! I just need to find some couches that go with my color scheme.

While browsing etsy today I found this new shop I think it's amazing that she uses recycled tires for the sole! I've been thinking of buying some flats on etsy, they're all amazing too I just don't know what ones I would buy! I'm amazed at the things people can do.

There will be a couple new items in the shop today! Including both stud and plug wiggly eye earrings
Wiggly Eye Post Earrings

And some choose your solid color post earrings
Solid Color Post Earrings

Sewing to do tonight!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Goal Update!

Sooo here was the list of my goals for the week. I know I know I'm only a day and a half in but I'm very excited to share my updates with you. No pictures yet though!

1. Clean clean clean! And keep it clean!
2. Organize fabric and work area (this includes premade items).
3. Get at least one medium and large item in the shop.
4. Look up headboard and bedroom ideas!
5. Make more clothes for myself. Like when I finish 5 shirts for the shop, make a little cute one for myself as a reward.
6. Take pictures, even if they're not good work at making them better!
7. Possibly get more shelves and organize vintage items that are in my shop.

1. & 2. It all started Sat when I went out looking for one of those little organizers, found one!! On sale too :) I actually later found another at a rummage sale for $2 which is great because it's a little smaller but a perfect fit with my other one. Saturday was also spent looking for shelves, I ended up finding the perfect ones....that my mom bought for me quite some time ago and we forgot about hahaha. Last night was spent organizing my clothes rack, fabric and knick knacks and this morning I put up my first shelf! It look 1000000% better already and I still have 3 more shelves to put up.
3. Working on it but I know what I would like to make, and I want to increase the one item to five items.
4. Already have a couple ideas!
5. After making the 5 medium and large sizes this one will be doable.
6. Need a few supplies first.
7. Started :)

So even though it's only a day and a half in, I believe I got a pretty good start and should be able to do all of these if not more! I've also kept up with wearing dresses and skirts! The weather def helps.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sooo two days ago it was beautiful out...yesterday not so much. Today....not so much. Buuuuuttttt starting tomorrow it's supposed to be in the high 70s low 80s! I can't wait, I'm preping my skirts and dresses :D I think I'm going to like doing this goal very much. I have to whip up a few more skirts also, I have a new pattern to share with you soon that I hope you will all like! More stash busting will be done tonight and I need to start hunting for an organization thing that will work for all my knick knacks. Something like this would be perfect. So I'm on the hunt for that and figureing out shelving.

Summertime is giving me more motivation and inspiraton too so I whipped up some ring/earring sets last night! Nice and colorful for summer :)

Have a nice weekend! Hopefully I can keep up with my goals and get a lot done within the next couple of days.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Yesterday it was beautiful it's raining :( ugh. I wouldn't mind it if it was warm but it's not.

One of my personal goals is to wear more skirts/dresses/shorts this summer and hopefully come out of it with non pasty legs :/ Wed was super nice and I wanted to wear a skirt but had to go up and down attic stairs all day so that was out of the questions but yesterday I was able to wear a dress!!! I felt awesome, and even got some free stuff from an err older gentleman that was flirting with me in a store (well Milo got the free stuff but I like to think it was because of me and how awesome I looked hahahaha but he was def flirting!). It was a nice boost of confidence for a change.

Yesterday I also noticed when people walk past me and look at me I just look down, not sure why but it really bothered me so I'm going to try and work on keeping my head up these days.

I can't wait to wear more cute clothes, I sure do have enough too! I've been a little out of hand shopping for myself but since I only shop at thrift stores I can justify buying 3 skirts for $2 each, a great way to help out the environment and you wallet! It also helps that I can alter just about anything that is to big (but half the time I put it in a pile to do later and never get to it, that's something I need to work on too).

Soooo I have a wedding to go to next weekend and I need to find something to wear, I was thinking of making a dress and I have this amazing yellow sheer fabric that I think I'm going to use (with a white lining of course!) I'm just not positive what pattern I will be doing.......but I need to get on it soon. I have also been work on medium and large shirts and have possible models for them :)

Anyway I need more hangers to keep things organized (ugh another goal) and quite a few other things. I'll share the list with you of what I would like to have done by the end of next week and hopefully I get through it. Having it posted online for other people to see just helps motivate me to do it more than if I didn't post it. Here are a few, I'm sure the list will grow though.
1. Clean clean clean! And keep it clean!
2. Organize fabric and work area (this includes premade items).
3. Get at least one medium and large item in the shop.
4. Look up headboard and bedroom ideas!
5. Make more clothes for myself. Like when I finish 5 shirts for the shop, make a little cute one for myself as a reward.
6. Take pictures, even if they're not good work at making them better!
7. Possibly get more shelves and organize vintage items that are in my shop.

That's it for now! What are your goals for the week????

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Clothes!

Yesterday consisted of sewing tons. I have something to show you today!!

First off I'm going to tell you how my photo taking usually goes. Up until recently I've had to set the timer and do all that jazz so taking pictures of 5 shirts would take anywhere from half an hour to an hour if I was lucky. I bought a $3 remote...of course it didn't work and I should have just paid the $45 for the one that would have (that I can't find now, just my luck). Milo helps me at times but usually won't sit around for 5 shirts but sometimes I get lucky! Today was one of those days and then he wanted me to take some pictures of him and this is what he came up with...soooo cute! To bad he's not a older gal that could model for me, I think he'd have some good shots! Hahaha now I'll have to get into making little boy clothes :)

Anywho on to the new clothes! All of them are 100% upcycled except for the yellow fabric for the lace shirt and the band for the dress.

This top is a keeper for me, it ended up having some stains on it and a little hole in it so all mine :) I love when I can justify keeping something for myself. I love the pattern though and may end up making something very similar made to measure so keep an eye out!
Teal Keyhole Top

This top was pretty basic to make I just love the pattern on it! It would be a wonderful summer/beach top, unfortunately my boobs don't fill it out as well as they could, still cute!
Beach Top
Beach Top

This shirt is one I was falling in love with while making, I almost ended up messing it up on purpose so I could keep it! The lace is upcycled and I plan on making more tops with lace on them :)
Green and Yellow Lace Top

Again couldn't pass up this fabric!! It was on a hideous vintage dress! I thought since it was so busy I could make it into a simple shirt and it worked out great!
Funky Pattern Shirt

This shirt is upcycled from jersey sheets (I have so many I need to use them up and this is a good stash buster). Just a basic t that will be made to measure :)
Basic Shirt

This dress I had planned out quite some time ago but never sewed it up because it's not the easiest thing to do with this pattern. I'm very happy with how it turned out and will be making more with the same style. The stretch on this dress is amazing and would fit a small or medium with ease!
Sleeveless Dress

I did finish up a cute medium/large dress but was unable to get some pictures of it since I don't have another model. I'll be asking my sister to try it out so hopefully it'll be up soon! All of the shirts I made are unfortunately only size small (I got a little carried away!) but I will be making some medium and larges next, and hopefully when my bff moves back I can get into some plus sizes.

After posting the pics I realized I don't think I've made one piece of clothing from 100% new materials! I'm very proud of myself, this is my goal and I'm sticking to it! I can't wait to whip out some new clothes for you ladies, hopefully gentlemen soon too :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sew Sew Sew

So today started off.....early to say the least, the past few days I have been getting up earlier than usual and I'm going to try and start making it a point to do so and to get to bed earlier.

I went to the dry cleaners and learned some new things and am going to be working on some new (fancier) dresses using some of the techniques she showed me. After a couple of hours I could tell she was getting a little frustrated and then she explained to me that she usually doesn't start alterations this early and she does them when she has the time (understandable). We are putting it on hold for now but she asked if I would like to come work for her in August and I can clean and learn alterations when she's doing them. I told her that would be great so that's on hold for now.

Last night was spent cutting up multiple shirts and dresses that I will be sewing up today (hopefully taking pictures of too! If not today then tomorrow). I have over 8 things to sew, great way to destash!! But when I was almost through cutting I realized I need to make different sizes!! Ahhhh so most of the items are smalls :( maybe I will be able to work on some mediums and larges tonight (while watching glee of course!). I also realized I could use a few more tools for sewing than I have so off to the store tomorrow! Here's a sneak peak of the patterns of the shirts/dresses I cut up last night.

I'm currently working on a custom pair of plugs and while filling them I tried out a new technique, looks pretty cool I think (I like the one on the right more)
Plugs 1 3/8"

Another thing I worked on yesterday was covering a vintage slide in resin. A few months ago I picked up some slides for a friend and realized there's doubles and triples of some of these! So this is what I did last night. I was thinking of maybe putting it on a necklace but maybe it's to much???? What do you guys think??
Vintage Slide

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things To Share

I have a few lovely things to share with you guys :)
First off is a blog that my tote was featured it. Check it out she has some really cute things and needless to say I will now be following her :)

Yesterday I got to work on a few new pairs of plugs which I was able to take pictures (thankfully because today isn't the best out and I had to get up early for an eye appointment at 8) before the sun went down so I was able to list a couple today. Here they are!

First off are the googly/wiggly eyes. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but putting it off. I did not list them today because I still have to make sure they're stable enough to sell and that they will not fall off. Another concern I have with this style is the clear cover that the eye is in getting pushed in. I'll have to put a warning in the listing about how they are a little more fragile.
Wiggly Eye Plugs

Reptile eyes are next! Pretty creepy but neat, and for now will only come in select sizes :(
Reptile Eyes Plugs

Last but not least are mirror plugs. I had this idea in the back of my head awhile ago but forgot about it until I made the convex mirror plugs and someone asked if I could make them in 1/2". These also are only in a few sizes until I figure out a way to sand them down.
Mirror Plugs

Ugh I'm worn out...and it's only 1! Like I mentioned I had an eye doc appointment today. They dilated my eyes and whenever they do that it just makes me want to sleep...or at least close my eyes all day! It's better now...after a nap and a postponed trip to the post office because close up things are blurry when they do this so I wasn't able to see my labels :(

Off to the post office and grocery shopping (ugh hate it but then again I hate not having food more) then making more plugs and cleaning tonight! I am also working on some more clothes, quite a few things already cut out and ready to sew! I just really need to bring my stash down so I'm working on that all week.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

New News! Items, Blogs and Customers!

New things will be posted on etsy today if the computer starts working with my memory card!! Keep an eye out. Here's a little sneak peak :)

New mirror plugs! Only pair 3/4"
3/4" Mirror Rings

Another new pair of plugs include the dice plugs where you choose your color and the number that show!!!

New tote/shoulder bag. I love this one and might have to make one for myself.
Simple Stripe Tote/Shoulder Bag

My bff is also starting a fashion blog for curvy girls! I love this because I love her style (and sometimes contribute to it with thrifted goodies). So far I think she's off to a fantastic start! I have made skirts for her before and since she'll be moving back I can't wait to get into plus size clothing (and have a model for it). So if you're a curvy gal or just love fashion (it's not strictly for plus size, it's for all sizes concentrating on what works best for your body type I believe anyone can get help from this blog) go check it out. Fashion On A Curve!! Oh and if you make plus size clothing and would like her to do an interview on you emial her!

I also wanted to share a customer photo with you! She bought one of my mini camera rings and started snapping away once she received it! They're super cute :) I always love me some customer appreciation photos
Check out her photostream!

All weekend free shipping on handmade items!!!

Constructive Criticism

This week was beyond packed! Thankfully it's Friday and almost done with.

With dresses and costumes all done finally I took on a new adventure this week, a couple weeks ago I saw an add on craigslist for a dry cleaners looking for someone to do alterations so I wrote them back saying I was interested. I went in on Tuesday, the lady showed me four pieces of clothing that needed to be done, we discussed it and off I went home to fix them. Well I brought them back today and apparently there was some miscommunication, one thing (a skirt that had to be taken in) I though she wanted done a certain way (she had shown me) so I did it like that but it was wrong :( another was a zipper that I had done on a dress, I needed a certain foot and didn't know it. The other two were good but I was very bummed about the whole situation. I do in fact have an easier time making clothes from scratch than doing alterations unless the alterations are done on clothes that I made. We talked a little more and I felt horrible that she had to redo the two pieces of clothing but she said she would teach me if I wanted. While I was driving away I just didn't feel to good about myself but now that I think of it I need to take this criticism constructively instead of just moping around about it. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and learn a lot. I already called her back and I will be going in on Tuesday to work there. I am still somewhat embarrassed but I'll get over it. And now that I think of it the hardest piece of clothing that I did have to do turned out the best! So maybe I just need a little help on the little things :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's That Kind of Monday

Nothing is working for me today :/ I've already had to backspace about 10 times on this one blog because my hands are moving faster than my mind...or maybe it's the other way around...I'm not sure all I know is they're not working with each other. I hope this doesn't continue all week, then I'll have a problem.

Sorry for the lack of blogging, and my last blog. Last week was super busy and the one day I wanted to blog every computer I went on failed to go onto blogspot, it just wouldn't work. I had to look it up on my phone and write my little thing from there, very inconvenient.

Getting back to my last blog. I didn't mean to make it so short. The lovely lady that wrote it is in fact my best friend. She is awesome and has helped me with my etsy in countless ways, even when I would text her in the early hours of the morning to check out a picture or a new design I had or even just to talk about marketing ideas. I really appreciated and loved the review she did on my products, and I know she was honest about it and not talking me up because if she has an opinion about something she will say it (one of the things I love about her!). I just realized the link on my last post didn't even work either so click here to go to it :) If you're thinking of having someone review your shop shoot her a message she would love to do it! Also check out her blog, she has quite a few neat tutes and vintage finds up there that I'm sure you'll all like!

Back to last week, I've been working on quite a few new things such as bags, shirts anime costumes and props..everyday I was doing something, good to keep busy but whoa was it a little tense! Look for new items in the shop this week! If I ever get the computer to work with me of course.

This week isn't as bad (so far) but I'm sure to keep busy with jewelry and whatnot. I'm trying to come up with new designs and applying to Renegade in Chicago (hopefully if technology does not stop me I will be doing that today). I am also venturing in wine making, only as a little hobby and for gift sets (nothing more than one gallon making at a time). I already started on some honey wine (mead) and am very excited about the outcome :) Wish me luck, when it looks a bit better I will post some pictures.

Happy Monday and I hope yours is going a lot better than mine!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Etsy Feature/Review!

Check it out!!