Monday, May 24, 2010

Goal Update!

Sooo here was the list of my goals for the week. I know I know I'm only a day and a half in but I'm very excited to share my updates with you. No pictures yet though!

1. Clean clean clean! And keep it clean!
2. Organize fabric and work area (this includes premade items).
3. Get at least one medium and large item in the shop.
4. Look up headboard and bedroom ideas!
5. Make more clothes for myself. Like when I finish 5 shirts for the shop, make a little cute one for myself as a reward.
6. Take pictures, even if they're not good work at making them better!
7. Possibly get more shelves and organize vintage items that are in my shop.

1. & 2. It all started Sat when I went out looking for one of those little organizers, found one!! On sale too :) I actually later found another at a rummage sale for $2 which is great because it's a little smaller but a perfect fit with my other one. Saturday was also spent looking for shelves, I ended up finding the perfect ones....that my mom bought for me quite some time ago and we forgot about hahaha. Last night was spent organizing my clothes rack, fabric and knick knacks and this morning I put up my first shelf! It look 1000000% better already and I still have 3 more shelves to put up.
3. Working on it but I know what I would like to make, and I want to increase the one item to five items.
4. Already have a couple ideas!
5. After making the 5 medium and large sizes this one will be doable.
6. Need a few supplies first.
7. Started :)

So even though it's only a day and a half in, I believe I got a pretty good start and should be able to do all of these if not more! I've also kept up with wearing dresses and skirts! The weather def helps.

Happy Monday!

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