Monday, May 10, 2010

It's That Kind of Monday

Nothing is working for me today :/ I've already had to backspace about 10 times on this one blog because my hands are moving faster than my mind...or maybe it's the other way around...I'm not sure all I know is they're not working with each other. I hope this doesn't continue all week, then I'll have a problem.

Sorry for the lack of blogging, and my last blog. Last week was super busy and the one day I wanted to blog every computer I went on failed to go onto blogspot, it just wouldn't work. I had to look it up on my phone and write my little thing from there, very inconvenient.

Getting back to my last blog. I didn't mean to make it so short. The lovely lady that wrote it is in fact my best friend. She is awesome and has helped me with my etsy in countless ways, even when I would text her in the early hours of the morning to check out a picture or a new design I had or even just to talk about marketing ideas. I really appreciated and loved the review she did on my products, and I know she was honest about it and not talking me up because if she has an opinion about something she will say it (one of the things I love about her!). I just realized the link on my last post didn't even work either so click here to go to it :) If you're thinking of having someone review your shop shoot her a message she would love to do it! Also check out her blog, she has quite a few neat tutes and vintage finds up there that I'm sure you'll all like!

Back to last week, I've been working on quite a few new things such as bags, shirts anime costumes and props..everyday I was doing something, good to keep busy but whoa was it a little tense! Look for new items in the shop this week! If I ever get the computer to work with me of course.

This week isn't as bad (so far) but I'm sure to keep busy with jewelry and whatnot. I'm trying to come up with new designs and applying to Renegade in Chicago (hopefully if technology does not stop me I will be doing that today). I am also venturing in wine making, only as a little hobby and for gift sets (nothing more than one gallon making at a time). I already started on some honey wine (mead) and am very excited about the outcome :) Wish me luck, when it looks a bit better I will post some pictures.

Happy Monday and I hope yours is going a lot better than mine!

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  1. Thanks for the nice write up about my blog!

    An no worried, you are just having a crafters/writers/life block for the day. Clear your mind and have some fun with Milo and it will all come flooding back to you.