Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Clothes!

Yesterday consisted of sewing tons. I have something to show you today!!

First off I'm going to tell you how my photo taking usually goes. Up until recently I've had to set the timer and do all that jazz so taking pictures of 5 shirts would take anywhere from half an hour to an hour if I was lucky. I bought a $3 remote...of course it didn't work and I should have just paid the $45 for the one that would have (that I can't find now, just my luck). Milo helps me at times but usually won't sit around for 5 shirts but sometimes I get lucky! Today was one of those days and then he wanted me to take some pictures of him and this is what he came up with...soooo cute! To bad he's not a older gal that could model for me, I think he'd have some good shots! Hahaha now I'll have to get into making little boy clothes :)

Anywho on to the new clothes! All of them are 100% upcycled except for the yellow fabric for the lace shirt and the band for the dress.

This top is a keeper for me, it ended up having some stains on it and a little hole in it so all mine :) I love when I can justify keeping something for myself. I love the pattern though and may end up making something very similar made to measure so keep an eye out!
Teal Keyhole Top

This top was pretty basic to make I just love the pattern on it! It would be a wonderful summer/beach top, unfortunately my boobs don't fill it out as well as they could, still cute!
Beach Top
Beach Top

This shirt is one I was falling in love with while making, I almost ended up messing it up on purpose so I could keep it! The lace is upcycled and I plan on making more tops with lace on them :)
Green and Yellow Lace Top

Again couldn't pass up this fabric!! It was on a hideous vintage dress! I thought since it was so busy I could make it into a simple shirt and it worked out great!
Funky Pattern Shirt

This shirt is upcycled from jersey sheets (I have so many I need to use them up and this is a good stash buster). Just a basic t that will be made to measure :)
Basic Shirt

This dress I had planned out quite some time ago but never sewed it up because it's not the easiest thing to do with this pattern. I'm very happy with how it turned out and will be making more with the same style. The stretch on this dress is amazing and would fit a small or medium with ease!
Sleeveless Dress

I did finish up a cute medium/large dress but was unable to get some pictures of it since I don't have another model. I'll be asking my sister to try it out so hopefully it'll be up soon! All of the shirts I made are unfortunately only size small (I got a little carried away!) but I will be making some medium and larges next, and hopefully when my bff moves back I can get into some plus sizes.

After posting the pics I realized I don't think I've made one piece of clothing from 100% new materials! I'm very proud of myself, this is my goal and I'm sticking to it! I can't wait to whip out some new clothes for you ladies, hopefully gentlemen soon too :)

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  1. That boy is too cute! Time to make boy clothes, just so he can model!

    And I can't wait for you to start doing plus sizes!