Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Yesterday it was beautiful it's raining :( ugh. I wouldn't mind it if it was warm but it's not.

One of my personal goals is to wear more skirts/dresses/shorts this summer and hopefully come out of it with non pasty legs :/ Wed was super nice and I wanted to wear a skirt but had to go up and down attic stairs all day so that was out of the questions but yesterday I was able to wear a dress!!! I felt awesome, and even got some free stuff from an err older gentleman that was flirting with me in a store (well Milo got the free stuff but I like to think it was because of me and how awesome I looked hahahaha but he was def flirting!). It was a nice boost of confidence for a change.

Yesterday I also noticed when people walk past me and look at me I just look down, not sure why but it really bothered me so I'm going to try and work on keeping my head up these days.

I can't wait to wear more cute clothes, I sure do have enough too! I've been a little out of hand shopping for myself but since I only shop at thrift stores I can justify buying 3 skirts for $2 each, a great way to help out the environment and you wallet! It also helps that I can alter just about anything that is to big (but half the time I put it in a pile to do later and never get to it, that's something I need to work on too).

Soooo I have a wedding to go to next weekend and I need to find something to wear, I was thinking of making a dress and I have this amazing yellow sheer fabric that I think I'm going to use (with a white lining of course!) I'm just not positive what pattern I will be doing.......but I need to get on it soon. I have also been work on medium and large shirts and have possible models for them :)

Anyway I need more hangers to keep things organized (ugh another goal) and quite a few other things. I'll share the list with you of what I would like to have done by the end of next week and hopefully I get through it. Having it posted online for other people to see just helps motivate me to do it more than if I didn't post it. Here are a few, I'm sure the list will grow though.
1. Clean clean clean! And keep it clean!
2. Organize fabric and work area (this includes premade items).
3. Get at least one medium and large item in the shop.
4. Look up headboard and bedroom ideas!
5. Make more clothes for myself. Like when I finish 5 shirts for the shop, make a little cute one for myself as a reward.
6. Take pictures, even if they're not good work at making them better!
7. Possibly get more shelves and organize vintage items that are in my shop.

That's it for now! What are your goals for the week????

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