Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So yesterday I went on a little adventure for a personal sail boat that was free on craigslist....I asked them if it would be possible to hold it for me and they said no problem (since I was an hour away I didn't want to get there and have it gone). Just like my luck it was gone when we got there :( but we did end up finding quite a few goodies at random thrift stores on the way so it wasn't a wasted trip after all.

I also acquired a chair very similar to this and started to paint it last night, I'm very excited to have it up!
This fancy thing will also be going into my living room, another project I was painting last night. Hopefully eventually I will get some fish in it but I need to figure out a tank option first (I may have to end up building one or something like that, we'll see). My living room is starting to come together and it's looking great! I just need to find some couches that go with my color scheme.

While browsing etsy today I found this new shop I think it's amazing that she uses recycled tires for the sole! I've been thinking of buying some flats on etsy, they're all amazing too I just don't know what ones I would buy! I'm amazed at the things people can do.

There will be a couple new items in the shop today! Including both stud and plug wiggly eye earrings
Wiggly Eye Post Earrings

And some choose your solid color post earrings
Solid Color Post Earrings

Sewing to do tonight!!!!

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  1. I've been drooling over some amazing flats on Etsy too. I have some that I've put in my favorites to hopefully buy soon. They do have SUCH cute ones on there!