Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sew Sew Sew

So today started off.....early to say the least, the past few days I have been getting up earlier than usual and I'm going to try and start making it a point to do so and to get to bed earlier.

I went to the dry cleaners and learned some new things and am going to be working on some new (fancier) dresses using some of the techniques she showed me. After a couple of hours I could tell she was getting a little frustrated and then she explained to me that she usually doesn't start alterations this early and she does them when she has the time (understandable). We are putting it on hold for now but she asked if I would like to come work for her in August and I can clean and learn alterations when she's doing them. I told her that would be great so that's on hold for now.

Last night was spent cutting up multiple shirts and dresses that I will be sewing up today (hopefully taking pictures of too! If not today then tomorrow). I have over 8 things to sew, great way to destash!! But when I was almost through cutting I realized I need to make different sizes!! Ahhhh so most of the items are smalls :( maybe I will be able to work on some mediums and larges tonight (while watching glee of course!). I also realized I could use a few more tools for sewing than I have so off to the store tomorrow! Here's a sneak peak of the patterns of the shirts/dresses I cut up last night.

I'm currently working on a custom pair of plugs and while filling them I tried out a new technique, looks pretty cool I think (I like the one on the right more)
Plugs 1 3/8"

Another thing I worked on yesterday was covering a vintage slide in resin. A few months ago I picked up some slides for a friend and realized there's doubles and triples of some of these! So this is what I did last night. I was thinking of maybe putting it on a necklace but maybe it's to much???? What do you guys think??
Vintage Slide


  1. Wow. I love the slide idea!! I saw a few good suggestions on Craftster a while back for things to do with old slides, but it would probably require LOTS of them.
    And I can't wait to see what you do with the shirts, I'm sure they'll be amazing. I really love your skirts and dresses you make. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm already taking a break from sewing...well I suppose I've been at it for a few hours I deserve a break :)