Friday, May 28, 2010

Sooo I thought I would share a little something with you. Every week I have craft night. Usually it involves some great company, a couple of beers, and crafting of course! This is something we worked on the last time, my friend needed a clown costume by the end of the week so we stopped at Value Village picked up some sheets and got to work as soon as he came to craft night, finished project

Here is the tv stand I've been working on. There will eventually be fish in it once I make a tank to fit the inside and finish the paint job(probably going to be done on another craft night). I'm not sure what to do with the lower part (speaker part), maybe I'll do some red behind the bars or something, it just looks a little out of place.

Onto the plants!!! I'm horrible with them, I have a black thumb but I did get some sunflowers growing!! They need to be replanted, there's also a mini grapefruit tree growing in there that I'm very excited about. The plants next to them are dying, I've tried everything and now there's only one left :( But on an upside I bought a vine plant that's doing fantastic! I planted it in a bed pan so that's pretty funny, I'll have to take a pic of that for next time.

New Plugs in the shop later today!!!
Music notes, these have been on my todo list for a very very very long time (since I began doing plugs actually). I'm happy they are finally here.

Wiggly eye plugs!

I have an awesome pair to show you tomorrow also! They include pressed flowers and turned out amazing!!!


  1. The TV stand looks awesome! You should leave the speaker part how it is. I have new mini plants for you once I am back!

  2. Yay mini plants!!! Except I killed all but one of the last ones :(