Friday, May 14, 2010

Constructive Criticism

This week was beyond packed! Thankfully it's Friday and almost done with.

With dresses and costumes all done finally I took on a new adventure this week, a couple weeks ago I saw an add on craigslist for a dry cleaners looking for someone to do alterations so I wrote them back saying I was interested. I went in on Tuesday, the lady showed me four pieces of clothing that needed to be done, we discussed it and off I went home to fix them. Well I brought them back today and apparently there was some miscommunication, one thing (a skirt that had to be taken in) I though she wanted done a certain way (she had shown me) so I did it like that but it was wrong :( another was a zipper that I had done on a dress, I needed a certain foot and didn't know it. The other two were good but I was very bummed about the whole situation. I do in fact have an easier time making clothes from scratch than doing alterations unless the alterations are done on clothes that I made. We talked a little more and I felt horrible that she had to redo the two pieces of clothing but she said she would teach me if I wanted. While I was driving away I just didn't feel to good about myself but now that I think of it I need to take this criticism constructively instead of just moping around about it. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and learn a lot. I already called her back and I will be going in on Tuesday to work there. I am still somewhat embarrassed but I'll get over it. And now that I think of it the hardest piece of clothing that I did have to do turned out the best! So maybe I just need a little help on the little things :)

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