Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Items!

So my computer is back up and running!! But the day I got it the internet went out otherwise I would have had pictures up sooner. October is going to go by soooo fast, I will be selling at some local craft fairs and other events so if you see something you like up in the shop grab it now because it may be gone soon! I have also been working on some more hats, brighter colors and vegan friendly (100% acrylic). Everything new (that I don't sell out on the 3rd) will be listed in the shop around the 5th. Anyway here are pictures of the cowls I've been working on! They are all 100% recycled and vegan friendly (100% cotton or 100% modal) and you can wear them many different ways.
Action shot
Yellow Cowl
Red Cowl
Brown Cowl
Other colors are avaliable, check in my shop if you're interested (whatever I don't sell on the third will be listed on the 5th, if you would like to purchase one before then let me know and we can work something out).
Here is another cowl I have been working on made from 100% bulky wool yarn (from my local yarn store that I love and don't get to visit to often).
100% Wool Gray Cowl
100% Wool Gray Cowl
Enjoy!! I hope to get another post up before Saturday but I'm pretty booked this week so don't hold me to it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

This week has been a craze of ups and downs but for the most part it's been pretty good (except for the fact that technology hates me...but I'm learning to deal with it). I have a few more sweaters to unravel and then a lot of crocheting and knitting to do! All the cowls are done (until I find more jersey sheets)!!
Next week I have party on the pavement to attend and a brand new concert at night! Super excited my bff is coming down to visit for the concert and my sister is going also which makes it twice as awesome! I was going to start doing Friday Favorites but there's a lot on my plate this week so hopefully next Friday (if I'm not to busy with party on the pavement items). Still no camera :( I really really want to share pictures of the cowls I've been making and put some things up on etsy but that will have to wait.
Tomorrow I will be making it to an awesome rummage sale that has a ton of vintage and craft items!!!! I'm sure I'll score something good there. I'll try and get some pictures taken for you guys. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer Bugs UPDATED!

Well not really bugs...but problems none the less. I was going to put some items up on etsy today and went to plug my memory card into my computer tower. It didn't work. I tried it a couple of more times, still nothing. Then I got down on my hands and knees and saw the problem. One of the little prongs (?not sure if that's what they're called) is bent. Great, now I have to haul the damn thing back to best buy (bought it a month ago, specifically because it had the memory card ports built right in) and see if they'll charge me to fix it. Fanfrickentastic, hopefully they can fix it there (free of charge) and I won't have to get another one shipped to me or anything (after putting programs and all that jazz on this one). Keep your fingers crossed for me!
On a lighter note, I got some goodies yesterday including a beautiful vintage handbag (that I don't have pictures up of because of the damn computer!!) and some t-shirts that I cut up to make into hats (looks pretty neat actually, again no pics). I didn't get nearly enough done yesterday due to Milo acting out because he's sick and Heroes being on but I should have at least one new skirt up by the end of the week, maybe a few more scarves!

Good news and bad. I'll start with the bad and end with the good. The bad part is my computer has to be switched out (it will take at least 8 days for the new one to come in) and I probably won't be able to post pictures (unless I get to a computer that can) for at least a week. That also means no more etsy items up until I get the new computer :(
Butttt when I do get the pictures up I will be able to show you the lovely new scarves I made tonight!! And a new style of skirt that I've been working on! So be patient and keep an eye out :)
In the end I suppose it's all good news because I don't have to pay to fix my computer and I'm getting new things done while it's down. Have a good night!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So now I have been sick for over a week. It started out with a little sniffle and progressed with ups and downs like crazy. I actually thought it was over and done with a couple of days its still here, and after it seemed to get better it's getting worse again. Not only that but Milo has it (hasn't really phased him other than the booger nose and he's a little more times). Then my best friend (who was visiting for a couple of weeks got it) right when she did she went out and bought a TON of medicine like airborn, dayquil, daily vitamins, and who knows what else. I thought it was actually pretty hilarious because every four hours she jumps up and says "I have to take my (fill in the blank). But this got me thinking, whenever I'm sick I just try to take care of myself a little better eat healthy and drink lots of oj...should I just go her way and pump myself full of random things that I don't even know how to pronounce the things that it contains??? I think I'll stick to my oj but what do you guys think?
I really didn't get much of anything done last week so I need to catch up on work, sickness or no sickness I need to start whipping things out for some upcoming craft fairs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Fresh Start

This will be my second blog. Needless to say the first one didn't go so well, it was messy, scattered and felt like a job. This one is going to be much more organized and kept up and fun. I will be posting about my thrifty finds, some family things, etsy and of course my endeavors.

This is me.
Pink Recycled Slouchy Hat.

And my son with my sisters dog Izzy.

Some things I make.

Plugs for stretched ears
Where's Waldo Plugs for Stretched Ears
White, red, yellow and black Upcycled Scarf.

Slouchy hats
White Recycled Slouchy Hat.

DSCN1724Upcycled Batman  Skirt.
I try to be as eco friendly as possible and only use recycled materials for my hats, scarves, and skirts (made out of thrifted sheets, sweaters, and blankets).

Things are a little tough right now, but we have each other and we're figuring it out little by little. I am no longer employed and have decided to go the self-employed route making things and selling them on craft fairs, etsy, and wherever life brings us.

Stick around I'd love to hear your opinions and I will be doing some giveaways in the future!