Monday, October 19, 2009

Vintage Goodness

I finished up a few hats today for my (technically) first craft fair this sat! I am super excited about it!
It was super nice out today and I couldn't resist going outside, I was even productive and got some pictures taken. I like to think that I'm improving on my photo taking ability (especially when I have to be the model and photographer) but I know there is room for great improvement. I have great products now I just have to take great photos to show that.
A new handmade item up in my shop! Seahorse Skeleton Pink Shirt!
I also listed some vintage goodies in my shop that I can no longer hold on to here in hope that they may give someone else the joy that they gave me.
I am working on hat and scarf sets for my nephews. The hats are already done, beanie style! I loved crocheting these little things and may end up putting some in the shop sometime soon. Keep an eye out for some action pictures soon :)
If anyone is interested in the big ol sunglasses that have come back into style I will be putting some up in the shop soon...they just don't look good on me :/
I know it's already the end of the day but happy Monday!! And hopefully everyone will have a wonderful week! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope the rest of the week is as beautiful out as today was.

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