Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Blog,

I forgot about you again. Don't take it personally, it's just that....well I've been having an affair on you with my knitting needles, and crochet hook...and....well the freezer paper in the kitchen (the razorblade joined in at one point). We both knew this from the begining, I need to share the love, and if I didn't then I would have no interesting stories to tell you about. I hope you can understand it's the best for both...well actually the best for all of us. I won't be away so long next time.

For some reason I had to start off with that. In a way I feel bad for neglecting my blog, but then again if I spend to much time on the internet I feel even worse sometimes. So far it has been a super productive week. I was able to get about 25 hats 3/4ths done, now I'm working on knitting up some brims and would like to have them done by Saturday so I can work on other things to bring to the craft fair on the 24th.
Unfortunatly I'm still procrastinating with the skirts. After party on the pavement I trashed my work area and hadn't really touched it since (to busy working on hats). All yesterday was spent making hat brims and cleaning the basement. I'm so happy to have everything organized once again and I have so many new ideas to work on (after I get the old ones done of course).
I have also been working on getting some shirts made, I was able to make a seahorse skeleton one yesterday and can't wait to do more. Right now I am using freezer paper but would love to eventually go into screen printing (I'll have to buy all the supplies once again). I am very excited about this but not jumping in to fast, I'll get my feet wet first so I don't end up drowning myself in the end.
It's getting cold out, not the nice kind of fall that I like but it's a nasty cold (without the snow, at least if there was snow it may be more fun/tolerable). On the upside for some reason since it's getting colder I'm staying up later. I have no way of explaining this but the past week I've been staying up until 12/1am when I used to pass out by 10pm (at the latest). I'm getting more done and I feel great about it, hopefully this perk will keep up throughout the whole winter.
I'll try not to neglect you so much!

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  1. that was cute :)
    At least you are making progress, dont get side tracked by wanting to silk screen though!
    it is darn cold, it hailed by me today :(