Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day and 7 Mile Fair!

FINALLY!! A nice day in WI (and tomorrow is supposed to be amazing also). I retook some pictures for my shop (all the hat pictures) and I think I'm getting the knack of being the model/photographer. I also had some help from my sister...well if that's what you want to call it, we did get some nice pictures though.
After picture taking and some cleaning we headed off to 7 Mile Fair with some friends. There is a guy there that sells mass amounts of leather scraps and I always raid his both, I hate the smell of leather and what it is but it is beautiful and feels amazing! And the fact that it's scraps and not a whole new hide help me justify buying it. Look for new items with leather soon! He also sells amazing belt buckles but I haven't caved in and bought any yet. Here's a little taste of what he has.
I really need to start carrying my camera around, especially to 7 Mile, so many awesome picture opportunities there! But it's hard with a kid (I actually stole this pic from a friend that went with me).
Here's some pictures of all the color hats I have available right now!
Tonight will be filled with knitting and watching movies! If only I had popcorn.

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