Thursday, December 3, 2009

Up since 2am and unable to get anymore sleep.

Ugh exhausting past couple of days. I decided to move out of my sisters and her boyfriends house on Sunday, we're just not in the same living mindset at the moment and it's best for everyone. I will finally have my own place!!! It started out bad though, the way I told my sister I was moving out was not the best (in a heated argument) and I started packing the next day (looking to move out mid month). It was tense for a couple of days but then we both leveled up and talked about it like adults, and we both agree it's for the best (for everyone). I began searching for apartments/flats all that jazz. We found a few that were decent (still looking!!) but one that really caught my eye. I have always loved these apartments, well lofts, and never thought I would be able to get into them but I've realized these past couple of years nothing is impossible. I called to see if there were any available and there's a two bedroom for a pretty decent price. I went in without high hopes just in case but I fell in love with the place and it is where I would like to be and could make a home. It is focused on art and artist, there's a darkroom, kiln, painting studio, mini theater and sooo much more available for the tenants. The lofts are HUGE and I would be able to fit all my stuff in it and still have mass amounts of space! There are also soooo many wonderful photo spots (in the loft and throughout the building) that would be awesome for improving my etsy pictures. I'm handing in my application tomorrow again not with high hopes, it will work out how it's supposed to and I will keep looking in the meantime but I am excited to see what the future holds.
I have also been job searching for the past couple of days for a part time possibly full time job. This is going to be an adventure and I am very very excited for it. Of course I will still be creating and selling my works in my spare time.
Now to explain why I've been up since two in the morning, Milo couldn't sleep so of course that means I can't either ahhh motherhood (I still love it). The morning was very eventful to say the least, more so drama filled but I won't get into that. Now it's 6 and the hopes of more sleep are basically impossible. Here comes the coffee!! A couple of updates, since I've been packing it's hard to take good pictures of the new items (aka dresses) I have made so those may have to hold off until later.
I recently realized how much vinyl I have and started cutting into it yesterday to make some little bags/pouches/clutches whatever you'd like to call them. Here's a little sneak peak
I may line them all with lime green fabric I thrifted some time ago that I need to cut into :)
Goodbye for now! Hopefully I will be able to get some pics up of the dresses before the end of the week.


  1. OMG! I loooove the bags you are making! The green fabric sounds awesome too. I might grab one and run next time I visit. :)

  2. :) I may just have one for you!! You can pick the color combos, I'm making them pretty basic the ones all linned up don't have the triangle pattern but I plan on making a lot more of those as long as these ones turn out good.

  3. I think the triangle design is awesome. You should do more like that! Do you think acrylic paint would stick to it? Maybe you could stencil a design to the non triangle ones?

  4. oh, you gave me such a great idea! You could do a reverse applique on the botom corner, and have say like a cupcake or something!!! That would be a great gift! I bought some vinyl yesterday, but i have to check sew and save for a teflon foot!

  5. I will have to do something to jazz up the plain ones I suppose..hmmm...not sure acrylic would stick but maybe the plastic spray paint would??? But I packed all that up already :/

  6. oh i like the idea of the reverse appliques and they would be easy. they are adorable tho. i hope you can get the loft, it sounds perfect!!! where is this place anyhoo?