Saturday, December 5, 2009


Usually I am a pretty patient person. This past week however, not so much. I'm sooo excited for the possibilities and what could happen in the future. Moving out is a big part of it. I'm hoping on this one apartment and if you've talked to me recently you know I can't shut up about it (sorry I'm sure it's getting old). I found out yesterday they accepted my application for one of the first apartments I looked at so that gives me high hopes for the one I really want. I'll shut up about it now but keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me please :)
I also have been working on some more dresses and what not, just no place to photograph :/ I'll def get some pictures before my next craft show though just in case I have some sell I'll have some pictures of them. I found a lovely lady up in Milwaukee that I want to take etsy pictures for me in the near future (late jan early feb) as long as I get my inventory up. Hopefully that will spike up my sales and show the quality of the items.
It's probably unhealthy how excited I am for things and I hope I'm not getting my hopes up but I can dream can't I???


  1. I think it is always good to be looking towards the future at whats to come, or what you plan on happening. As long as you dont get too disappointment if things fall short of your expectations, becasue life happens!
    I really hope you get that awesome apt, it seems so fitting for you :)

  2. whoa, my comment code was weelize, haha, like realize!
    I forgot to say your new banner looks cool on your blog too, how id you do that? I have one, but it is already sized, and I dont know if etsy and blogger have the same size? hmm.