Thursday, February 4, 2010

V-Day Giveaway!!!

Sooo I'm joining the v-day spirit and doing a giveaway. My first giveaway to be exact.

I never really cared for valentines day, I either didn't have a boyfriend or didn't have one that cared enough to get me anything. I think the only thing I ever did get on valentines day was half a soft pretzel :/

BUT seeing all the beautiful things on etsy and hearing of couples that found each other and have a happy life owning an etsy store...well it got me all mushy and optimistic.

Although I still don't know where to look for a decent man so any pointers would help! Seriously...not kidding there...craigslist is creeping me out yet I still go on to look and see what's out there. Bad idea??

Anyways here's what's up for grabs!
The winner gets to pick between a cowl (choice of color) or hat (again choice of color) in my shop!
Blog Giveaway!
Blog Giveaway!

You have to be a follower
Leave a comment telling me about your best V-Day

Additional entries-
blog or tweet about my giveaway (please include link to my blog and don't forget to let me know you tweeted or blogged!).

I will randomly pick the winner on Valentines Day. Please spread the word, I only have a few blog followers so anything will help!


  1. My favorite Valentine's day is any day I can spend with the ones I love. Friends, family, or relationship. As cheesy as it is, it's true!

  2. Awesome! lol if you're the only one that comments I suppose it's all yours hahaha I know you've been eyeing the white cap hat I have :)

  3. Well technically Ron is in the drawing.. he tweeted and he is following you.

  4. my favorite valentine's day was a few months after tony and i moved to baltimore. it snowed the night before (barely anything! like, maybe half an inch!). and so the next day, valentine's day, the city was in a panic because they don't know how to deal with snow out there. tony and i, being snow veterans, ventured out anyway. we walked into one of the nicest restaurants in town on a whim, with no reservations, and found that the entire place was empty except for maybe two tables...everyone had canceled their reservations! so we had a really nice - and pretty much private - dinner and spent the whole evening laughing at the differences between racine-sters and baltimore-ians.

  5. Ugh, Sarah! That sounds wonderful and now I am green with envy.

  6. hahaha yes Ron is in it too. Sarah that is super cute and I agree with Maddy...super jealous!

  7. i blogged about it (well it will post with my friday favs since i thought it would get more views- so tomarrow!) but dont enter me in the giveaway! i already own TWO of your awesome hats! maybe commenting on some blogs or a picture post titles 'giveaway!' could help get some peeps over?

  8. oh, i realized i didnt even metion vday! ha! i honestly cannot think of anything special i have done on valentines day.. I requested chocolate this year.. hopefulyl he gets the point. :)
    Ugh, and guys. dont giveup i guess? eventually if you put yourself out there you have to find someone decent..right?!