Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mangos and Ears

So the idea of scape ling has not left my mind but I am putting it on hold at the moment and trying other methods first. I will say that in the beginning I did not take care of my ears as well as I could've (basically not at all). I've been reading up on different methods to fatten up my lobes, like daily massaging and taking my plugs out at night (did that before but no I take them out earlier and longer than I used to). It seems to be working! I have noticed a little more plump than I had before :D I have also heard of downsizing and stretching back up but would rather not have to go that route if it's not necessary. I will begin stretching back up tonight, hopefully it goes smoothly.
In other news a month or so ago I started growing some mango trees! I just put the seeds in a baggie with some paper towel and water to get them started. Here they are now!
Mango Seeds">
One has great roots and the other has a pretty good start so I'm very optimistic about them. Last time I had a mango plant I left it outside and the frost got at it
Happy hump day!!! Bahahahahaha enjoy the rest of your week!

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