Thursday, January 6, 2011

Work work work work work.

The past three things that I have been constantly doing so far this month?

1. Preparing for taxes. I really really should have organized better last year!!! Ahhhh!!! Well at least I'm learning but doing everything last min is not the way to go! I will not be able to make some deductions this year because it would be just to much work to figure it out! This leads me on to #2

2. Organizing like a mad woman! I do this about once every three months. I go through the whole house and pile bag upon bag of things to go to Value Village and then drop it off when they are not open so I don't look like a mad woman (sometimes) returning things I bought there 2 months ago :/ But this time I am orgaizing EVERYTHING! Including my inventory. It's a big job but I'm definatly motivated by the tax season.

3. Court. I won't get into detail but of course at the worst time child related issues arise and I am being taken to court.

Whew! Talk about stressful! At least Christmas is over and I don't have tons and tons of orders to fill so I can organize and work on tax things. Although this has not kept me away from the thrift stores, but then again that's part of work too. I love the fact that when I'm out having fun shopping it's work and I'm enjoying it!

Yesterday I was able to grab this beauty!

I am soooo excited to try it out and I may replace my current machine with this one if it works good. Fingers crossed that it does! It's a portable machine (even though it's super heavy!) and even has the original box so when I'm done I can just store it away.

That's about it for now. I haven't really been able to do many fun things or even go online on tumblr or anything like that since I'm so busy but I should return soon!

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