Sunday, January 2, 2011


2010 You were an interesting year that taught me many things, both good and bad. Here's a few things that happened
-Realized after 3 years someones actions are not going to change. I'll admit that I knew this before but this was the year where I stopped caring and did not try to encourage things that will obviously never happen.
-Spent our first year renting an apartment where it's just us (Milo my son and I).
-Stopped buying so many things and got rid of a lot (still working on this one).
-Worked my butt off and in the end it paid off way more than I thought it would.
-Started looking at houses again, hopefully moving half way through 2011.
-Finally got back into dating and am still with this wonderful man.
-Cried, smiled and laughed a ton :)
-Got a kitten!!
-Started bar tending.
-Improved my skills.

Here's a few things I'm looking forward to in 2011.
-Starting my own website for plugs (not just handmade!).
-Improving my skills more (working on it right now!).
-Thrifting and auctioning more.
-Selling more vintage items and not just holding onto them.
-Clearing my life of unnecessary people and things.
-Buying a house.
-Exploring more arts/crafts.
-Sewing more! I fell behind a bit in that department this year.
-Possibly doing the 365 photo challenge.

There are tons more but it's almost time for work! I still do have to work on my goals list and keep it up all year! Last year was great and I'm hoping this year will be fantastic! Happy New Year!!!

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