Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Packaging is a big part of selling online. So I was wondering how all you guys pack your items or how you like to receive packages when you purchase online.
Personally I am one of the people that don't really care because I basically buy supplies online and that's about it. But when I do splurge and buy something for myself I always get a little more excited when I see the colored tissue paper nicely wrapped around my new purchase (like a little present).
I have gone through many many different ways to package trying to figure out the best way that is both cost effective and beautiful. Some I will say weren't to great and if you received a poorly wrapped one I'm sorry :(
When I first started I would put my business card in a little baggie with the plugs and then in a bubble mailer, not to exciting. Then I had the great idea to add tissue paper and ribbon! But after receiving a package that was sent to a wrong address I realized this is not the best way. Going through all the machines at the post office made it look like a crumpled mess. After that I purchased little boxes and started doing it that way but then again receiving a bubble mailer with a white box....not to exciting. Ugh I couldn't win!
I recently was browsing on Uline and found the perfect little boxes!!!! They won't get crushed so the tissue paper will not crumple and they are the perfect size!
I took them to the post office and ran into some problems with a not so nice clerk stating that they are way to small, he can't fit anything on them blah blah blah. Very very discouraging! Even though they were less than 1/4" to small than a post card. So I'm just printing them out at home and guess what? The labels fit perfectly! I will be looking into boxes that are 1" bigger just to make the man happy and so I can send international packages the same way but talk about frustrating!
I will be putting up some pictures of the little guys soon, I'm so happy I found them! Hahaha sorry I get a little excited over little things.

New items will also be up in the shop soon! I found an AMAZING typewriter that I can't wait to show you guys!! I love photographing them :)

I will also be carrying plugs made with wood for those of you who dislike the steel. I personally can't wear steel to often in the winter because my ears freeze!!! They should be up in the shop within the next two weeks. Supplies will be limited until I know how much of a demand there will be for wood. They will also be $5 more.

Hope you guys have a great day!!!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you found boxes at Uline! I had emailed you on Etsy about them. That's where I get all of my boxes. I like to box my stuff up with some tissue paper. I used to just throw it in there, but now I kind of wrap it neatly in the tissue paper and then put a ribbon around it. I like to think it looks a bit nicer. haha!

  2. Yes I love them! They have a warehouse super close to me too so that's really nice :) Thank you!

  3. Aw, you're lucky that the warehouse is close to you!! They're usually really good with shipping their stuff to me quickly though. They're definitely the cheapest I've found online! :)