Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who can now add screen printing to one of their many crafty skills???? THIS GAL! I'm sooo happy I finally did it! Last night I also made some of my own screens with some fabric from Joann Fabrics and picture frames from Value Village so hopefully those will work out! If they do I'll have a pretty cheap way to make my own screens. Now just to finally put down all my ideas onto screens, that will take some time for sure. I did snap a few pictures for you guys, horrible pictures but you get the idea.

If I didn't have enough to worry about I found this little bugger on my eye today. It's from either yesterday or today. No puking, sneezing, coughing or anything else that happened in that time to cause it so I'm assuming it's from stress :/

Things that have been stressing me out lately in no specific order
-the weather (and hating how it makes me feel)
-relationship stress
-my wisdom tooth coming in and chipping one of my other teeth
To fix all this I'm taking a night off and having craft night at my place, it's been way to long since I've had it. And all together just not worrying about anything. We all need to step back sometimes and relax! I need to remember this more often. I even took off this Sunday from bartending so I'm really trying to make this work out to my benifit.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. That's awesome!!!
    I know NOTHING about screenprinting, but I'm just amazed at what people can do with it. I've seen some amazing things on Craftster as well.
    That's really great though! I'm totally jealous!

  2. I know! Some of the things I've seen or that my friends have done amazes me also it's crazy and there's so much you can do with it!
    It's really not that hard give it a try :)
    If you need any help/tips you can email me at I'm still learning but might be able to help out :)