Saturday, April 17, 2010

Productive? I Think Not.

Ugh, this week has probably been one of the most unproductive weeks I've had in awhile. I'm very frustrated by it but I suppose I can only blame myself. I let certain things get to me when I really didn't have any need to worry and I think that made up for a lot of me basically doing nothing.

To make up for it I'll be putting some more listings up today and hopefully working on some more plugs styles. I am also considering attending Milwaukee's Tattoo Convention and selling there so that would help me get quite a bit done and motivated.

I have a few costumes to finish up and some props. SO MUCH TO DO!!! Yet I'm not doing anything about it?!?! I think I just needed a little time to unwind, but not it's making me freak out a little bit.

I am once again considering getting a job, maybe just part time though. It def wouldn't hurt and it would be good for Milo to get some time with other kids on a regular basis....ahhhh life.

I think I need to make a list of things to do for this next week.
1. Hang pictures!!!! I still haven't put any up in my apartment and I've been there for about 5 months now! Ugh
2. Get costumes and props done
3. New plugs.
4. New listings.
5. Sew sew sew!!!!!
That's a good start, now to get on it :)

Off to do some listings! More owls in the shop soon :)


  1. I've been struggling with exactly the same problem this week-it makes me think that the people who are so into astrology might be right(mercury in retrograde-or something) Let's have a better week starting....Now.