Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dress Up!

As a little girl I loved playing dress up with all my grandmas vintage clothes.
I know that we never really need a reason to dress up but when there is a reason it makes it seem a like a little more fun. I will be putting some awesome vintage clothes in the shop today and had the best time photographing them!! Now if I only had a reason to dress up on a regular basis....
Polka Dot Vintage High Waist Skirt
Vintage Pencil Skirt!
I will be looking at more styles like this to add to my wardrobe, these don't quite fit right on me so they're up for grabs!


  1. I LOVE that polka dotted one! =)

  2. I know! I wish I could keep it, just doesn't fit right though :/ Maybe I'll be able to make a similar pattern out of it.