Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have never lived in an apartment before so after moving in the lofts I didn't mind the noise from downstairs (most of the time). It was actually pretty entertaining and lots of drama that I made into my little daytime soap opera.

My old neighbors moved out and the noise from them was every now and then so very tolerable. Now I have new neighbors a couple with one kid. I know how kids can be LOUD and sometimes you need a break because it can be very overwhelming, I know this from experience.

Every night since they have moved in there has been screaming and it's not the kid. At first I only really noticed it at night every now and then. I'm not sure if it got worse or if I'm just realizing it more but this is what goes on every night starting around 6...8 if I'm lucky...The mother starts "bed time" and instead of calming down and explaining to her daughter that it's time for be she screams and swears, and this is her normal voice she's always the morning afternoon night...ALWAYS!!

Now I'm not one to complain much but the other night it went to far. Now she's started saying how she hates her daughter and doesn't want her anymore, the kid is like 4 or 5. Horrible horrible horrible...some people should not have kids. I'll be talking to the office gal Tuesday to complain about the noise. I'm tempted to tape them screaming and slide it under their door to listen to, maybe it would be like a wake up call but I doubt it.

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