Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Rant

Okay okay okay I said I was going to try not to rant and what not but I need to get a little something off my chest and it's 4am so there's no one awake to talk to.

There is another plugs company that has recently shown up, not a problem at all I love to support small companies especially plugs! I am friends with other people that sell them and I try to help others out when starting up.

Anyway they started following me awhile ago on a couple websites (I'm going to be very vague here as to not give out what websites or specific info because I really don't want to give them a bad name) so I followed back. Recently I was looking at their products and come to find out they started doing one of my ideas, I won't lie I was a little bummed when I saw it. But not a big deal, kind of flattering if you think about it. I was looking on their website again today and saw another one of my ideas :( For some reason it just really bums me out, I understand no idea is really original but really??? And it didn't take them to long to do it after I did, coincidence? I think not.

Okay end of rant, thanks for listening! I understand I'm probably being petty and whatnot but I'm allowed that every now and then. And this is my blog dammit!!! Hahahaha jk.

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