Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With The Good Comes The Bad

The past couple weeks have been pretty amazing. Orders are keeping me busy and I'm overflowing with ideas! In one of my last posts I talked about splurging on some items, I was able to get everything I wanted for pretty good prices now I just have to wait for them to come in the mail (it's killing me!!!!). I am super excited about everything! I even plan to switch the type of resin I use, this will allow me to polish the finished product and the quality is much better. I should have everything switched by the end of January (that's my goal!). That reminds me I need to make a goal list!!! I do it the beginning of every year but sometimes forget about it :/ this year will be different.

But of course with the good comes the bad. This leads me to tell you about a few struggles I've had the past couple weeks. Of course (as always around this time) I'm sick and that isn't helping with anything. Yesterday I went to the bank to get approved for a home loan (I've been looking at houses again!!! Even found one I really like) but since I'm self employed things are a little trickier....needless to say since my taxes weren't descriptive enough and I'm not doing all the same work I use to I will not be able to get a loan until after my taxes are done. This lead me to cry in the parking lot of the bank but thinking about it more and more it's actually probably for the best since I still have 6 months left on my lease and I can look around at more houses. One of the main things I was worried about was not making as much as the past two years so I went home and started adding up what I've done for the year and it turns out this year is the best yet!!! It also made me realize I really really need to keep things organized!!! So for the next couple of days I will be getting things ready for taxes and all that fun stuff!

In the end the bad ended up being not so bad and it's all how you look at it right?

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  1. I'm sure things will improve in the New Year, you deserve good things :) I'm glad you're staying busy and I freaking adore your plugs, I lurk on your etsy all the time ;)
    Love and Turtledoves,