Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New New New!!!

There are going to be a couple new designs coming up in the next couple months! I am very excited about them and can't wait to share!

Another new and exciting thing is I made a light box last night for photographing! I'm always trying to improve on everything especially photos. This project was soooo simple and cheap and it improves my photos drastically. I really should have done it a long time ago. Before doing it I thought my pictures were pretty decent (they weren't horrible) but it was such a pain to take them! My previous solution was a piece of paper on the windowsill with direct sunlight, now I don't even need the sunlight!!! I think that is the best part especially since it gets dark around 5 now :( here are some before and after pics
Green Pearls 1"
Light Box

This makes me beyond happy. Now if I could just make one that I could fit in hmmmm....
The only thing that sucks about it is I'm going to have to redo a lot of photographs :/ but it will be worth it in the end.

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