Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm very happy to say that these past few weeks have been amazing! Except for ear issues of course (thankfully they are all gone now and I'm babying my ears massively).
I have had a couple requests for smaller flower plugs and found the cutest little flowers the other day so here they are!
0 and 00 Gauge Flower Plugs
They come in beautiful colors too!

Update on the mango tree, it's doing amazing! Awhile ago the leaves were very droopy and I was afraid they were going to hit the dirt (they were 1/2" away!) but they perked up! I can't believe how fast it's growing, I'm sure the skylights help quite a bit though. The second one is growing some mini sprouts out of it so I'm optimistic for that one. I also started a couple more seeds. Sheesh what am I going to do with all these mango trees!?!?!
Mango Tree

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