Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clutter Bug

So it's that time again! I've realized I'm hording to much and need to get rid of a few things so more items are up in the shop today! Including some vintage hair dryers and mass amounts of suitcases.

The girly hair dryer would look perfect in a vintage bathroom, I always imagined one with teal walls and pink bathroom things all over! That was the plan for this hair dryer but it is not happening at this moment so I've decided to put it up for grabs so someone who could actually use it and appreciate it more could have it :)

I am working on some more plugs, some that have actually been in work for quite some time. Also a plug giveaway by The Dainty Squid hopefully! If you haven't heard of her go check out her shop and blog! Soooo cute!

My mangoes are growing! Finally poking up out of the dirt and getting some tiny leaves! Pictures of that soon, once I figure out the changes Flickr made!

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