Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I Want

Right at this exact moment there are a few things I would love to have and I can't decide if I should buy them or not with the possibility our offer on the house going through. I did just get my tax refund back and ALWAYS save it! I never spend it on myself so maybe this year should be different??? Or maybe not, ugh decisions decisions!
Anyway right now I would like

A box of wine!
Things have been....well I can't say hard but frustrating (I suppose) around here lately. I'm over thinking EVERYTHING and it's not doing me any good.

New glasses!
Last time I purchased glasses was a couple years ago from Zenni very very affordable cute glasses! I got two pairs (one that needs to be replaced after stepping on them) and would like more, maybe even some prescription sunglasses :D at $25 a pop I would like to get at least 4 pairs at the moment. That is a justifiable want and I may go ahead and get some....I do kind of need them to see :)

Ahhhh I love love love purchasing new plugs! I recently traded with a fellow plug maker I received them yesterday and they're awesome! I will def be buying some in the near future when I reach my goal size! I would love to get some pairs from Omerica Organic also, there's 3-5 pairs I'm looking at right now. The only problem is I hate buying plugs when I'm stretching up :( and I don't want to purchase some in my goal size and later find out I don't want to go that big/that size doesn't look good on me so I'm downsizing. Soooo that may have to wait....maybe next year :(

Those are the few things on my mind at the moment. I believe I may go out for a box of wine within the next hour or so and possibly order some new glasses later today! What are some of wants???

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